Diary of a Vixyyfox by SiriusDF

Diary of an aviation Vixyy

For Vixyyfox and aviation friends to accompany this artwork:


Saturday, January 15. A little FBO airport near Albany, NY.

A hazy, clear day and colder than the balls of a brass monkey. I'm almost late for the meeting, I hope this worn out key to the FBO terminal entry door works. Thank Fox it does! The lights are on, corridor's empty, there's no time to visit the vending machine.

There's a sign on a wide door, Operations: Ferry Mission Overview. I can hear a babble of voices. This is the place. I open the door, entering a room packed with a gaggle of folks clustered around a square conference table wallpapered with various maps. Familiar faces mumble hello while Dellic looks at me hovering by the coffee maker and ahems loudly. Then he launches his good morning to all 'Sermon'.

Everyone's here, but the nearby coffee maker is as dry and barren as the Sahara desert. No coffee to keep my little Vixyy gray cells in an upright position. I maneuver over to a spot by the window. TwilightSaint, being the perfect gentleman, steps back to make room for me at a spot at the corner of the table next to Bering who is bent over and drawing something. She glances up at me, A quick silent nod to the arctic fox as Dellic announces the meeting has begun.

I feel like dehydrated traveler in the desert. No caffeine anywhere!! Placing a paw over mouth helps keep the eyelids up while Dellic begins with an overview of the Mission and showing the route over Lake Superior. Our mission, ferry some old War birds over to Oshkosh for an upcoming Airshow.

Oh no! He's launched into a long winded commentary on the weather around Whitefish Bay and can't help but tell old tails as a hatchling sailing in those waters.

Meanwhile, Seamus is diligently copying notes for his chart. How can he stay awake while Dellic is droning on and on?

I must stay awake! A sharp tug on a furred chin tuft. Good, I'm awake. Everyone else seems awake. Dellic is still talking, talking, talking!

Bering seems alert and occupied, she's outlining the route on her map copy...wait, that's not a weather symbol she's drawing by the weather front...it's a tiny penciled outline of a nude dragon mating with a biplane.

Holy Smokes! She's drawing a little porn sketch during a mission overview! I grip my chin, covering my mouth, praying to Fox no one's seen my smirk over a drawing of a dragon choking the chicken using a biplane!

Has anyone seen it too? Antrage is looking over Bering's shoulder, tongue wickedly curled to one side.

And that's when I feel a puff of breath behind my shoulder and TwilightSaint's bass giggle.

I almost burst out laughing when he mutters, "Yeah, I've once flew a Stearman like that..."

Diary of a Vixyyfox


31 July 2016 at 17:25:08 MDT

A short short tale. A gift to vixyyfox vixyyfox to accompany a piece of artwork by Lupinemoonfeather on FA


I'm sure many of us did something similar during meetings...

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    a true favorite...


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      The resourceful either bring a coffee thermos or rely on someone to doodle a porn sketch during meetings.