2 Gremble or not 2 Gremble by SirButts

2 Gremble or not 2 Gremble


1 April 2014 at 05:58:58 MDT

A little, stuck up goodie-two-shoes I got from MrGremble MrGremble (Go adopt the rest they're really cute)

His name is Yorik Gertrund, but he goes by Mr. Yogurt when ~in cognito~
Also he's a prick

Grem2s are (c) to Mr. Gremble c:

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    very interesting ! nwn

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      Thank you! 8>
      He was strangely hard for me to draw, despite grem2s having rather simple faces, hahah.
      Gotta work on them art muscles, right? uwu

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        ah ! no wonder its so good ! ;W;
        good job !

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          Thank youuuu. ;w;

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    wow i...
    im literally freakin speechless right now
    you have made such a simplified face so amazingly EXPRESSIVE, that i think my heart just melted
    its all over the freakin floor now, I AM PHYSICALLY UPSET
    thank you so much for getting a grem from me, i really freakin appreciate it ;_;
    this srsly made my night, thank you!

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      AHEHEHEH, Oh gosh, I'm ;w;
      I don't know what to say, ahhah, I'm honored that you like it so much. ó,wò
      Grems are super cute and fun to draw, simplified or not, and getting to adopt one from you is just joy in itself.
      And I'm glad to be able to say that this comment made my night, too. You are literally making me grin like a big knob right now, heheheh. Thank you for everything! ;;w;;

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    This is genius :D