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Comission: Passport "Photo" - Candahan by SiranaJHelena

Comission: Passport "Photo" - Candahan


Long time ago I accidently made a pun on Candahan's Furbase profile page. I "gave" him a virtual "Furry-Schein" (Furry License) which sounds really similar like the German word "Führerschein" (Driver's License). So a few months ago he asked if he could commission me to actually draw one. So I did! However, just like it is with the real licence you need a passport photo beforehand, so here it is. (I made one with a more pale lighting, too, because all passport photographs have ugly pale lighting, but I like this one more. For the license itself it didn't make a difference because it's almost grayscale there.)

I'm going to upload the "license" itself later. Please be aware that this was a fun project and that the furry license is neither a requirement for anything nor does it actually help you when a police officer asks you for your personal data and your license.

Main anatomical References were from Spencer Wright, Sebastian Kennerknecht and some very talented photographer who sadly named a dead url as source on his photographs. (But the clouded leopard's name is Ben and he lives in Kent. Thanks Google! :P )

Picture was made by Sirana J. Helena
Character Candahan belongs to Candahan
Please don't copy, alter or distribute.

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