Silver Sheep Fashion Reference Sheet by Toxi De Vyne by SilverSheep

Silver Sheep Fashion Reference Sheet by Toxi De Vyne


13 November 2019 at 23:45:54 MST

Silver Sheep Fashion Reference

I commissioned Toxi De Vyne to make a fashion reference sheet for my character Silver Sheep. Toxi is very good at working with clothes and designing outfits for anthropomorphic characters. She has done one for my wolf character.

Casual Wear

When Silver Sheep is taking a break from implementing Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism he likes to dress in a smoking jacket and fez. This outfit was bartered for on the back market assigned by the state according to his needs.

Zoid Pilot

Silver is a Zoid Pilot and this is his uniform. He can wangle those mecha animals in style.


Like all good sheep, he has been conscripted volunteered into the proud sheep nation of Iskon's military. While he is a Zoid Pilot he wears this more practical dress uniform while on base.

Work Wear

This last outfit is his civilian/workwear clothes. When Silver is off duty and assigned to working towards the five-year plan of unlimited economic prosperity. He could be working at collective farm number 765 or steel mill number 5 but it's all going according to plan.

Artwork: © FA: Toxi De Vyne Facebook: Toxi De Vyne
Character: © silversheep silversheep

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