Wenzel Bardawulf Fashion Reference By Toxi De Vyne by SilverSheep

Wenzel Bardawulf Fashion Reference By Toxi De Vyne


26 March 2019 at 22:45:00 MDT

Wenzel Bardawulf Fashion Reference

I commissioned Toxi De Vyne to make a fashion reference sheet for my character Wenzel Bardawulf. Toxi is very good at working with clothes and designing outfits for anthropomorphic characters.


Wenzel Bardawulf is a femboy at heart so naturally, his choice of swimwear is a sleek one-piece swimsuit. He has been known to turn a few heads at the pool.

Rave Gear

Next up is his rave gear. He starts off with a full body harness and adds a mesh button up and cute mini skirt. The added embellishments are the pair of fluffy leg warmers.

Punk Rocker

This set of clothes is his rocker punk outfit. Wenzel can rock the tartan all right. He is a musically inclined wolf who enjoys a night on the town.

Smart Casual

The last outfit is his casual wear a simple but stylish button-up shirt and jeans. Wenzel can fit in most places in this less over-the-top but still on-trend ensemble.

Artwork: © FA: Toxi De Vyne Facebook: Toxi De Vyne
Character: © silversheep silversheep