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COM: Effortless by Silverhorsey

COM: Effortless


The sharp call of the whistle cracked though the muttering of the crowd. A group of five bodies clad in shorts and tanks tops moved rapidly to the Atlas stones. The five of them wrapped their arms around the huge balls of concrete and grunted with all their might as they used every muscles in their bodies to lift. Groaning and struggling managed to raise them from the ground.

Reece clad in only a speedo bent down to the stone before him. The stone was a that used by the heavy weight class and weighted in a nearly 800 pounds and was roughly as wide as the horses chest. He positioned his hands carefully letting his bony tipped fingers dig into the stone before without a sound the stone rose from the ground. Wearing only the speedo let the crowd ogle at the form he’d worked to prefect, each muscle on the massive body was toned and work hardened yet even with with the vast weight he was lifting non looked strained by the 800 pounds of concrete now rising up to chest height.

His biceps bugled slightly much to the apperception of the crowd of college students near him as he seemed to effortlessly hoisted the stone onto his shoulder. In reality only one hand would be necessary for this task however not feeling the need to show off and not wanting to risk dropping it he secured the stone on his shoulder. His left arm causally supporting the vast weight of the stone, the biceps now tense pressed to the bottom of the stone while his right arm steadied the stone.

He began to walk causally striding forwards as he could hear the grunts and awkward foot steps of the competition behind him. Most had got the stone to chest height currently and where staggering forwards with the vast stones, both hands clamped firmly to them. Chalk coated hands struggling to hold the balls up, they all where red faced, veins popping as the varied species struggled on.

The stallion strode on taking large but still normal strides as if it where a mundane task to carry the concrete ball the 20ft down to the pillars at the end. Their was a dull thud as one of their massive concrete balls clattered to the ground. The wolf who had been lifting it panting as he buckled over unable to go any further. This for a moment took the eye of the crowd away from Reece though they sound all locked back onto the stallion.

They watched the near naked stallion in awe, most taking in the impressively built body with both admiration and hints of jealous. Girls looked on at the chiselled abs and massive pec’s above them. His power triceps bulged with each step, his body oozing power with every movement. His deep brown eyes swung around the crowds ears to listening in as he walked to the column.

He seemed to causally lower the stone from his shoulder treating the massive ball of concrete as if it where a minor inconvenience. He placed it on the column, sweating slightly in the hot sun but when he looked on at the competition he saw most drenched in sweat. With a small chuckle he turned to the crowd and brought up his left arm and flexed it to a cheer. He paused and walked up to the railing separating him from the crowd and leaned over it. His lips softly touching those of an orange forse who blushed profusely. The crowd “awwwed” sweetly as they kissed.

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