COM: Crushing Colonies by Silverhorsey

COM: Crushing Colonies


8 August 2019 at 11:33:40 MDT

America shook violently, the Lakes, Seas, and Oceans of the North Hemisphere spilled out onto their shores like shaking cups of water. The countless inhabitants of the bustling cities throughout the USA felt the ground throughout the nation violently shuddering with the force of a magnitude 10 earth quake look pathetic. A booming bang followed the shaking the and feeble inhabitants all screamed in horror as across the nation a sonic boom from the impact of a boot of colossal size.

I looked down to the Untied States of American and laughed as I was so huge I could only compare the country below to a rug. I looked down and moved my massive lips as I went to speak, seeing clouds and planes disintegrate as my breath washed over them “Ahem America” Boom as my English accent deafened many along the eastern seaboard “I’m here to retake the thirteen colonies in the name of Queen and Country and for the glory of the British empire” I state bluntly.

Meanwhile one of my huge boots rose from the Atlantic ocean ships dropping from the massive metal sole as I had unknowingly flattened the US fleet in the Atlantic and many other vessels in the three steps I had taken across the Ocean. I laughed seeing the metal of my legs glinting as the USA vast arsenal of nukes was unloaded upon thick armour “Oh are those little nukes ?” I ask playfully and looking at the state of my armoured legs “That was rather rude I was going to let you all surrender and serve your new benevolent rulers, but I guess I’ll just make you all submit and you can serve as an example for the world” My huge ears turned to listen to the screams and booms all across the country as it all fell into panic.

As I got free rein to do what ever I smirked and began to speak again with my sonic boom of a voice “I think your feeble bombardment left a scuff mark on my boot, oh no wait it’s just some dirt” I call out while laughing and bring my boot down slowly towards the central states of the USA. Millions of people had the sun blotted out my advancing form, my boot plunging them into pitch black, the sounds screaming panic, explosion as planes bursting to fireballs on the metal sole but my voice boomed over even this “You know little rebels this big suit is completely unnecessary to decimate your worthless rebelling nation I could do it in my Birthday suit but I thought I’d show of this bit of British engineering as I remove you all from the face of the earth and make this world a better place” I say taunt before my boot hits the ground.

Across the central USA the life fades from existence, cities on the coast feel the violent shudder of the Continental plate, the the shock wave hits these coasts. Buildings not toppled by the quaking turned to shook like blades of glass in a hurricane as the shock wave from stomp dissipated along the coast. In the centre nothing was left. Concrete and stone where dust on the wind, mountain ranges and cities ceased to exist, life for thousands of miles was now misted settling on the fractured and twisted ground. I looked up to the North and smirked waving my massive metal hand as I looked intently at the East side of Lake Michigan before calling out “I claim this land for the might of the British empire”

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