YCH #4: Loving Couple by siekae

YCH #4: Loving Couple


24 January 2014 at 15:49:40 MST

I'm not running this as an auction. Instead, anyone who wants it can get it!

(Decided to mix it up and do a SFW one... !)

The total asking price for this piece is $35 for both characters if you want both characters to be yours/if you choose to pay for both characters represented. HOWEVER! If you only want one character, you can go halfsies with another fur and each pay $18 apiece. It's up to you guys, I don't mind!

I ask for payment up front; I will provide the email address for my PayPal account to the inquirer(s).

The image will be in full color with a quick background. As I wrote on the image itself, I will do any gender or sex, any species you desire (made generic canines b'cuz, no real reason), and any other little features you'd like changed, like the expressions or anything else, I will gladly do so.

If there are multiple takers, it's first come, first serve, which means I will start working on whoever has posted first. Everyone else will get theirs, but work begins in chronological order.

I will continue to post more for the sake of variety. Thanks for all that are interested, and keep your eyes peeled for anything that may appeal to you!

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