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Hourly Commission Guide & Info by Sidian

Hourly Commission Guide & Info


Since I'm changing my commissions to be almost entirely on an hourly rate, I figured I should put together a guide of sorts.

I will be setting up my Trello to keep track of commissions, WIPs and time

How it works!
My rate is $36/hr
I use a timer that only runs while I am working in my art programs. If I forget to tab out, it stops after a couple seconds of inactivity.
I do not (usually) charge for correspondence time. If your commission requires a lot of back-and-forth, that may change.

At time of commission, you tell me what you would like, and how many hours you would like. I will let you know if I think I can fit it into that time. If I near the allotted time and feel that the image will need more time to fulfill your concept, I will let you know and we can discuss from there.

Payment of up to 4 hours is due before I begin. In the case of a Full commission, I will touch bases with you again after the 4 hours and try to gauge how much more time I might need. Be aware that time quotes are an estimate. I cannot be %100 certain how long something will take.

NOTE! The following will increase time spent on an image - Elaborate markings, stripes, spots, wings, feathers, intricate details such as spines, fins, horns, etc. Please take those into account.

Times listed are for a single character. Additional characters may up to double the time cost on images without a background.

Flats - Unshaded, flat-colored, somewhat sketchy linework. No background. Pretty self-explanatory.

Speed Color - Lines are somewhat thick and potentially a little sloppy/sketchy. Shading is quick and unrefined. Background is very simple texture with minimal shading. Minor background items (such as a chair or a bed) are doable but of course will up the time.

Portrait/Full - Lines are thin and refined; shading is more elaborate and refined; more attention to detail and texture. More time spent on lighting, depth, reflected light, etc.
** Portrait - Minimal background elements, but more elaborate textured background. Example -

** Full - Full background. Note that depending on the background, it should generally be treated as its own character, and will often take as long as, if not longer, than the characters themselves.

Additional notes: The more detailed your description of what you would like, the easier it will be for me to determine its time cost, and the less time I will have to spend trying to figure it out and get poses right, etc. Please be specific in your requests. Also, having character references makes my life so much easier.

You will be sent a very rough sketch for approval of the pose.
You will next be sent refined lines for approval of character details.
From there, I move to color and finishing. If further payment has been agreed upon, it will be due once the image is completed, before delivery.
Sometimes, if a character's coloration is tricky, I will send a flat color WIP for approval, but it is not standard.

PLEASE respond as quickly as possible if I contact you with a question about your commission. Having to wait days for a response is very frustrating when I have momentum going on a piece.

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