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Commission ToS by Sidian

Updating my commission ToS to go along with my new commission process.

Terms of Service


  • You will be sent a very rough sketch for approval of the pose.
  • You will next be sent refined lines for approval of character details.
  • From there, I move to color and finishing. If further payment has been agreed upon, it will be due once the image is completed, before delivery.
  • Sometimes, if a character's coloration is tricky, I will send a flat color WIP for approval, but it is not standard.

  • You get a digital copy of the image. If you wish a print-sized image for yourself, please request it, and I'll see about getting you a larger version of the file. I only ask that you do not share it with anyone and keep it only for personal use.

  • You may repost the image on your page, I only ask that you wait until I have posted, and repost the version that includes my watermark, as well as link back to me as the artist. Keep the non-watermarked version for your personal enjoyment.

  • You may crop down the image to use it as a user icon.

  • You may not claim credit for the art, repost it as your work, alter it, or sell it.

  • I retain rights to post the image, make prints for sale of the image, and use it for my personal portfolio and example work. I will never claim your character is mine or use it for personal use (RP characters, etc.) The character/content is yours. The art is mine.


  • Payment of up to 4 hours is due beforehand. If an image will take more than 4 hours, agreed-upon payment will be due upon completion, before delivery of the finished image.

  • I take payment via Paypal, Google Wallet or Square Cash

These are the conditions involved in commissioning me, and by commissioning me, you are assumed to accept these conditions.

Any questions?

My commission types and rate is here -
I have created an F-list character to list what I will/won't draw for commissions -

Commission ToS


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    Does that mean that the commissioner can't buy the rights for the selling prints of commissioned work?