{DA} CALIFUR '14 - 'Room De Bastogne' by Shuball

{DA} CALIFUR '14 - 'Room De Bastogne'


4 June 2014 at 19:37:09 MDT


This was a picture meant for our hotel door at Califur '14, of myself, my fiancee Bara, and our friends Kana and Submersible. We're all to some degree war geeks (Though Bara just adores Japan in general, so she gets a free pass <3), so I figure that this'd be a suitable image to commemorate our awesome group.

We are lacking our sudden fifth member, who was the dear Kagusaki, who also joined us. Original plan was to have him being parachuted down on a supply crate. XD

Either way, here it is! More art to come soon!