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Getting Creamy by shorty-antics-27

Getting Creamy


3 December 2014 at 17:56:14 MST

First picture of Hunter and his new girlfriend, who I shall name Zoey, but Zoe for short. :'D

They are very playful with each other, and will even playfully fight each other as well. She may be small, but she can beat ya up. lol

Hunter becomes a thief in order to survive in the human areas, and he may have tried to steal from Zoe, but she caught him. Smaller details I dunno yet. She may end up stealing with him.

He's also easily embarrassed while she isn't.
I may give her a tattoo of somesort, or other things. STILL FIGURIN STUFF OUT.

These two already make me really happy. xD

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    _tears p at the cuteness- omg!!! i wanna draw them!!! With your permission of course!!!!

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    How adorable. :)

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    For some reason she reminds me of Iris but I can't put my finger on it.

    Either way it's nice seeing some more of these characters! Everyone seems to be in a relationship heh. I kind of expected hunter to be a solo after his back-story :o So this is very interesting. I'll be interested to see where these two lead.

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      May be her looks, but she doesn't act like Iris at all.

      I felt like I needed more characters in relationships. Moooore!