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The Answer is NO by shorty-antics-27

The Answer is NO


28 November 2014 at 20:48:08 MST

This had to be made.

I've slowly getting more and more people who seem to have a strong interest in Rose... one that Pierce for sure would not allow.

Some people have asked if they can commission me drawing their character having sex with Rose, or even in a way abusing her in the commission.

It just seems so strange to me that these people seem to assume I'll draw my characters doing whatever.

Sorry, but no. I made Farben, my shapeshifter, for a reason. He is the sex toy. My other characters are not. ESPECIALLY ROSE! She really has been the only character where people come up and ask for commissions like that of her. @_@ And I'm only guessing it will keep on happening, so I have this as my response.

I am fine if you find her sexy, or even have fantasies about her or anything like that, but I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, nor will I draw them out, AND YOU CAN NOT DRAW HER WITH OTHERS, EITHER!

She is monogamous. She always will be.

So please respect that fact about her.

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    It's a shame that people aren't being respectful of your work and asking such things even when you've made it very clear in the past. =/

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      New people pop in and then want to try to go with my characters for whatever reason. Too bad for them.

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    Yeeeeah that question is always awkward. :/ It sucks people do that.

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    I wouldn't even bother, especially knowing Pierce is lurking around somewhere -shudders-

    Not sure if they're "married" or not, but if they aren't they practically are, people, that means no touchy.

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      They are "bonded", which is a lot like getting married. They both share a ring on their ears.

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        Oh that's cute. I never noticed, but maybe cause Rose's hair usually covers her ears?

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          It's usually just not in view because of the direction her head is in, like here.

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    yup.... not goin there. @_@ -hides-
    but she still has the most stunning eyes. <3

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    I dont remember seeing anything of Farben, got a link to a pic of him?

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    Good, a person whose character is spaecial to them must be defended. Much as I like Rose, I don't think of her like that. Those folks need to grow up.

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      They are a little too sex happy it seems. ffff