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Picnic at Blackspots Place by ShirBlackspots

Picnic at Blackspots Place


12 December 2013 at 16:38:18 MST

I had decided on a whim to host a picnic at my estate in Tallawang, and asked a large majority of my friends to show up, along with my denmates Gildedtongue, Hytop and Keda as well as my companions Redstripe, Silveratus, and Wavelength. Quite a few people showed up, 24 in all, including me, my denmates and companions. Luckily this picnic was organized in the summer. Despite that, it can still be fairly cool up here during the summer.

From left to right, the other picnic attendees are: Dawn, Wavelength, Winsoar, Tripper, Crossfire, Redstripe, Tizona, Hytop, Goldstrike, Wildsand, Silveratus, Keklily, Gildedtongue, Midsnow, Starrysky, Diamondstripe, Khaos Silva, Thriceborn, Waya, Nom Nom, Keda, Thorn, Blackspots, and Shadowstripe. Please refer to for easier identification.

This image took a total of 58 hours in all. Chinny sure did an excellent job on this. If any of you want a closeup of yourself, refer to this and ask Chinny. Full res image\_highres.png (7200x4608 - 36MB in size)

artwork © czgoldedition

Chakats & Chakona setting © goldfur