Blackspots - The college years by ShirBlackspots

Blackspots - The college years


12 December 2013 at 16:33:47 MST

Dateline: 02/24/2320 at 15:00 Earth Time -or- 2/44/81 at 11:55.19 Chakona Time

Oh man... study, study, study! It is nearing the end of the first term of my very first semester at Dewclaw University. It is a day before the final and I am studying as hard as I can, I want to make sure I pass. I am getting excellent grades, I just want to make sure I stay with high grades. Doing a lot of cross references with my PADD and several physical books to make sure I get everything right. The degree I am going for is a Bachelor of Science in Space Studies

Alrighty, I commissioned Fish to initially draw Blackspots at the Starfleet academy, but since there was no references for that, I decided to have her draw Blackspots at Dewclaw. Since I didn't exactly specify the scene, she drew Blackspots studying pretty hard for an exam in her dorm room. Blackspots started at Dewclaw in Jan 2320 and graduated at the end of 2323 in Dec, then entered the Starfleet academy in Aug 2324

artwork © catnamedfish Fish
Chakat Blackspots © dboomhauer Blackspots

Chakats and Chakona setting © goldfur Goldfur

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