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My art has a story. Can you read it?
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I love giving freebs. I love trades and I love love love food. :D


Deadsy doodles

Deadsy doodle packages
from $ 3.00
to $ 35.00

Simple. Read EVERYTHING below before you contact me. Unless it is for a trade or to just make friends XD

Badges 3$ Why? Well why the hell not :D

Line-art, doodles, full color bases, pop-art ref pack 5$

Separate pieces meanings, noses, eyes, ears, hair that are not for a full piece are 10$ Why are they this price? They still take a few hours and they do start with a skeleton base just as any other piece would.

Semi-pieces with semi fur meaning not every piece of detail in the fur is 20$ These are created without a skeleton and an offbase is used. They also take half the time.

A full piece with hair highlighting extreme eye detail, including pupils, glow, anything along those lines are 25$. The reason for this price is it take Many layers and expect about 30 hours put into these.

A full furred piece with neck. Furring takes a long LONG time. It means I must make new brushes for each piece and on top of that it can take 40+ hours. Based on furring ALONE. The price 30$

Full body/hand painted backgrounds/ digital doll

Firstly full bodies take a matter of hours alone base wise. I run threw several poses with my clients before I choose to start with and off base and go straight in with color. Hand painted backgrounds are made in two parts ART rage with a palette knife and sai for paint then photoshop for filters.

Onto the digital doll. This package is very fun. All pieces are made separate and placed in a nifty little folder with a big bow on top. These can be printed out and fitted together to make a doll or badge.

Each pack here is a 35$ flat price.

Extra detail: Hyper, scat, vore... anything along these lines will cost exactly 5-10 dollars more.

Fetish packages that are NOT those these Yes this includes golden showers. ARE free.

Contact me with any questions on HERE OR

skype :Deadsybears

Sl: dead.rain

My website under forum me: http://mistakenglorypunx.wix.com/mistaken-glory

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Deadssquish If the link does not work I apologize

Lastly: My art is made with all of my heart and for most part I am willing to drop some prices a bit though they are reasonable for some of the work I do. Please understand sometimes it can take a good two weeks or more for a full package to be complete.

Which MEANS I have the right to tell you to fuck off if you HOUND me.

I also have the right to turn down any rude clients or say no to any extra details.

Please think before you choose to purchase from me some people try to when they do not have the money. If you are having issues and KNOW that you need the money for something else I WILL say NO. Why? Well I give a shit. Also I am in a rather tight situation myself. So I understand not having enough food in ones tummy or barely being able to scrape up rent.

Otherwise. If this seems rude to you I am sorry. I would rather be blunt to friends/clients. Over lieing and sugar coating things.


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