Portrait/badge sample - BlueNire by Shibara

Portrait/badge sample - BlueNire


23 March 2014 at 06:33:37 MDT

This is a gift for BlueNire BlueNire and the pic shows her Shire horse sona. I had wanted to make a pic for her for a while now, on account of being awesome. ^w^

This is also a sample of the upcoming portrait/badge commissions I wanted to open for by April.

More news and maybe another sample coming up soon.

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    You did a REALLY good job figuring out how those glasses would work!

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      Ahaaa, no, I cannot claim victory on that one <:D

      they were referenced like that in the character sheet. I thought they were pretty damn neat, too. >w<

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    OH MY WORD! THIS. IS. GORGEOUS! MY GOD! That lovely shading! The wonderful, subtle neck muscularity! THOSE GLASSES! I even love the Dr. Seuss-ian trees and coloring in the background!
    Goodness gracious this is sooo very loverly and wonderful and I simply cannot thank you enough! ::trows praises at you!::

    Thank you sooo very much Shibara! This is really wonderful, thank you so very much! (It's now my new background on my computer!)
    P.S. (would it be alright if I used it as my icon for a spell?! it's so very lovely!)

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      Yayaaa, I'm so very glad you like it ^ u ^/

      It was awesome o work on, and I'm kinda proud of it i u i

      And go right ahead if you want to use it as an icon. ^^

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    So lovely! Great job on this! I especially like how you make her hair so real looking.

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      Aaah, thankee ^^
      I have an addiction problem with sparkles and shiny hair, tho. Someday I'll mnage to control myself @u@