Amoroso the Spanish Bull by Sheppymomma

Amoroso the Spanish Bull


15 July 2015 at 15:35:46 MDT

Pictures of my 3rd fullsuit are finally here! This is Amoroso, a Spanish Breed bull I made for and is worn by @LogarthSheppy. Originally, I wanted to make him a suit that would compliment his body type and a bull really fit. He’s still feeling out how to perform this character, but Amoroso’s maiden voyage at Anthrocon was very successful. We are also hoping that Amoroso will help create awareness for the Spanish Bull breed. Much like pitbulls, Spanish cattle are stereotyped as being genetically aggressive, when they are as docile as other breeds. The cattle involved in bullfights are actually sent to a bullfighting school at a young age and are tormented into being abnormally aggressive. Amoroso means “lovingly” in Spanish, and in character he hopes to spread the message that bulls however pointy, are magnificent, intelligent creatures who deserve your love! If you want a real life testimony of how sweet these Spanish bulls can be, look up Fadjen the Bull on youtube.
As for Amoroso, here is a video of him in action at Anthrocon and in my studio!

Horns were a custom cast by DVC, and hooves were also by DVC. Bell, horns, and hooves hand painted by me. Horns are removable for travel and storage.

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    Help that's the best suit ever ;0;

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    That's pretty amazing. :-)

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    He's got a cute grump face! And now I've learned something new about bulls today :>

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    Amoroso is pretty darn adora-bull. I was glad to see him in action, and led him over to chat for a moment with boven boven , who's been playing a black Spanish Bull online for years now. He was both appreciative and envious. :)

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    Excellent work, as usual! I like the hoof design.