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I've been in the fandom since around 1995, always known as Nicodemus.

I'm most known for my fursuit work, having written the book "Critter Costuming" and been fursuiting GoH at RainFurrest. I sometimes take fursuit commissions for special projects.

I also write fiction, furry and otherwise. I've had a few pieces published.

I dabble in painting and drawing. Though they aren't my forté they are enjoyable to try.

I'm married to Kit Ping and have two kids.


Full fursuit

Fursuits & Special Projects
from $ 2000.00
to $ 4000.00

I do take commissions, especially for unusual projects. Because I have a lot of other family and work commitments, I take projects rarely and with longer delivery times. However, I do accept a wide range of requests and items (plush, puppets, props, etc.) with a range of modifications. Inquire if interested.

Advice or design discussions for how to build something yourself is always free. :)


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    Hey, thanks for the fav! You've been a huge inspiration to me since I made my first fursuit back in 2007!

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      Oh wow, really? Thanks! I'm flattered. :)

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    thanks for watching :)

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    glad to see you here! ^>^

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    Hellooooo Mr Rat :)

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    Thnx for the follow!

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    ^,^ yay! another anticipated fa find on weasyl!

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    Howdy dude :)