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2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 (AutoSkunk review) by ShawnSkunk

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 (AutoSkunk review)


31 August 2019 at 20:56:13 MDT

Kent Fox: Shaaaawwwwnnnn?.....Shaaaaawwwwnnnn!?......SHAAAAWWWWWWNNNN!?

Shawn Skunk: groan what Kent?

Kent Fox: looks at him with droopy ears and big puppy eyes why can't we take new mid engine Corvette for a spin?

Shawn Skunk: I told you Kent, we can't, we're not allowed too, we were lucky enough to have GM lend it to us for this review and allow us to drive it on the track but they won't allow us to drive it through town until it's official release into dealerships next year, you should know that by now.

Kent Fox: .....but why can't we drive it? QnQ

Shawn Skunk: sigh for the last time no, you can impress the vixens with it when it's released, I know you're excited to see it, I know you want to take it for a spin through town and pick up vixens with it, but we can't! not until it's released next year and we can order our own!

Kent Fox: can I at least hold the key fob? QwQ

Shawn Skunk: no Kent!

Kent Fox: but why? QnQ

Shawn Skunk: because I know you foxes, you're all natural born cunning tricksters, far too clever, and I know the moment I say yes and you hold it in your paw, you're take off immediately with the car, then you'll get in trouble and wind up in jail and the new Corvette impounded, and then I'm gonna have to explain to GM what happened?, then they'll practically hand my ass to me on a silver platter and I'll be slumping in my easy chair because I'll have no ass to sit on to support me because GM handed to me on a silver platter and you don't want that to happen to me, do you?, so the answer is no!, N-O, no!

Kent Fox: whimpers QnQ ...... O.O ... OwO sneaks up to try to swipe the key fob

Shawn Skunk: tapity tapity tapity

Kent Fox: about to swipe key fob when suddenly

Shawn Skunk: Kent, you know I cn see you back there right?

Kent Fox: O_O ears go back*SWIPE!

Shawn Skunk: O_O hey!, HEEEEYYYYY!!!!, hey you come back with that! runs after Kent

by now, you guys are probably as excited as I am and can't wait for the new 2020 mid engine Corvette to come to select showrooms.
I have been anticipating this for over a year now and can't for Mattel to release some hotwheels versions of the new Vette and I'm pretty sure Mattel is gonna release a collectible small die cast model of it soon.
never have we ever had a Corvette soo radical like this for the street and up till now it had only been a dream that existed as concept models or prototypes for over fifty years and for that long there have some engineers at GM including Zora Arkus Duntov that have wanting to build a production mid engine Corvette which spawned a few prototypes over the decades and some of them planning to put into production but have been constantly delayed, shelved and pushed aside for other projects or was just too inefficient to serve as a drivable road car for everyday use.
in my opinion? I just think it was a matter of timing and all those times back then that GM tried to produce and release a mid engine Corvette, just wasn't the right time considering the changes in the auto industry back in the late sixties and seventies and the two oil crises in the early seventies and in the early eighties, at least up until the 1990's which may have been the right time for something like that because by that point technology was starting to catch up with the idea, so will this new mid engine Corvette be able to live up to the standards of it's front engine predecessors?, well let's take a look at the new soon to come mid engine Corvette.

first thing you would obviousely notice but I'm still going to adress it is the new and radically different body.
everything on the body is new but with only one little thing carried over from the previous Corvette, I don't what it is that was carried over because I was never told when I saw the videos on Chevy's website so I'm just assuming obviousely enough that it's the emblem because what other part of the previous Corvette are they gonna carry over the new one?, everything is fresh and new, even the emblem's been a slight redesign for a jet like apearance.
and if you guys have watched the live press release of the new Vette on youtube, then you probably know of the theme Chevy was going with when they design the new C8 Corvette, a jet fighter look, and their introduction video of the mid engine Corvette being released from a military cargo plane on the runway made it obviouse enough, and it looks awesome, it still it's iconic coke bottle shape and yet has some jet fighter looking styling cues, it looks great no matter angle you use to look at it, not only does it look great it's also a clean shaved look too, if you don't know what I mean by that I mean clean shaved as in there door or latches protruding from the body, they've all tucked away and hidden for aerodynamic purposes, to open the door to get in behind the wheel or in the passenger side, you have to open it from the side air scoops, that's right the door handles are hidden away inside the sidescoops of the car which is a really nice touch, also for the first time on a Corvette you can actually see the engine without popping the hood, just like on other mid engine cars, there's a window on the rear bonnet so you can look at the engine or anyone walking by taking notice and want look at it can see the engine too, and Chevy even added an optional dress up package for the engine that allows you to add carbon fiber elements and even LED lights to the engine so it looks just as good as the car itself.

speaking of engines, the mid engine Corvette C8 has a new engine called the LT-2, it's gonna be the successor the LT-1 engine in the previous C7 Corvette, it's still has a 6.2 liter displacement but has been re-engineered to produced more power, in comparison the LT-1 engine can produce 460 horsepower but the new LT-2 engine is engineeered to produce between 490 to 495 horsepower, not a bad imporovement over the previous engine, and this new engine will be coupled to an eight speed Tremec M1L dual-clutch transmission, oh just talking about this could give me some good pants feelings right about now. X3
with this combo and combined with it's mid engine layout makes the new Corvette capable of going from zero to sixty miles per hour in under three seconds and that's if you add the optional Z-51 package which I'll explain next in this review, and if you're curious about the quarter mile time?, well that's yet to be announced by anyone, I don't know how fast it can do quater mile but judging by that ridiculousely fast zero to sixty time? I'm sure it's pretty damn fast.
as for the Z-51 package I just mentioned? well that's pretty impressive in itself, if the new Corvette's performance without this package wasn't crazy enough for you? the new Z-51 performance package takes the already fast enough Corvette and gives it a steroid injection of Arnold Schwarzenager like proportions with huge brakes, an eLSD differential, front splitter spoiler, performance exhaust, and summer only performance tires for when you really wanna torture those curves the road for more agility.

as for it's heart the LT-2 I mentioned before, the engine has also been engineeered to sit lower in the car for a lower center of gravity and improved handling and to prevent from starved of any vital fluids including oil because when you drive a car like you stole it and gravity is wanting to throw everything to one side or the other, you need a way to keep the engine fed during cornering, so the guys at GM gave the engine a dry sump system to keep oil and other vital fluids pumping through engine no matter turns you take at high speed, the engine also has variable valve timing to further improve performance.
it's like the Pepperidge Farm bread packaging of performance engines.

with a new Corvette body comes a new stiffer more rigid frame too, it's new chassis 10% stiffer the predecessor meaning it can take more force and abuse which can help boost ride confidence and handling and the body not only has a trunk in the front obviousely enough, but it also has a storage compartment behind the engine to store the removable roof panel so you can enjoy some open targa top driving and be able to put it back on quickly whereever you are in case it rains, and if you're worried about cargo space? don't be, cargo space in the front cargo area according to Chevy is large enough to fit an airline size travel bag and the rear trunk where the roof panel can be stored can fit two golf bags whenever you don't have the roof panel stored away, it'll make a trip to the grocery store convenient for anyone who would want to drive it every day.

and with the new Corvette you can customise your interior to your liking too with an array of color choices, you can select colors for your leather and seat belts and create a variety of color combos, you can even choose what color stitching you want, the possibilities are nearly endless with some limitations depending on the interior you choose.
interior options inlcude three seat options, you have the GT1 seat that comes standard with the 1LT and 2LT interior packages that's wrapped in Mulan leather and designed for long distance driving, in other words?, road trips.
for the @LT and 3LT interior packages you get the GT2 seat which has carbon fiber trim with a seatback halo and wrapped in Napa leather, made to look great for going on casual rides in the countryside, and the third seat option is the Competition SPort Seat which provides aggressive bolsters for track driving and with performance textile in high wear areas of the seat for lasting quality and durability, Chevy quite specified what this is for but I'm sure is for the Z51 Performance package.

the new Corvette also features magnetic ride control, also available with the Z51 package and has a computer system that reads the road every millisecond and makes adjustments to the system to adapt to changing road conditions in as little as between 10 to 15 milliseconds, it has an innovative suspension fluid that contains metal particles that can align and become rigid to stiffen handling allowing the driver the car through a turn harder while staying planted in place and not understeer.

there's also driver mode select feature that allows the driver to selct between twelve different types of driving modes for different kinds of situations and roads ranging from track days to an everyday commute to town, it'll even allow you to save your mode settings too so you'll never have to re-adjust them back to the way you had them, this means you can adjust the new Corvette to make it as comfortable or as dynamic to drive as you want it meaning that if you want to daily drive the car and drive to work in it?, you can adjust it to where it drives comfortably and not ride like a Radio Flyer wagon like most other sports that are just stuck in sport mode with no adjustable features.

and of course being packed with some of the latest technology available the C8 Corvette comes with an infotament system with an eight inch screen that's digital color touch, with the usual audio settings, navigation, wi-fi hot spot, display settings, as well as of course apple and andriod hook up as well as a hands free phone feature, aside from that it also features a performance data recorder and color head up display, according to Chevy the C8 Corvette may help improve driving skills too which is pretty awesome and can be handy if you're a track driver wanting your improve skills and your track times.

even it's twelve inch gauge cluster is reconfigurable too, this cluster incorporates all driver information and has three distinct themes.
other feature of infotaiment system includes enhanced navigation with 3D view, Bose perofmormance series 14 speaker audio, a simplified blue tooth system that can be paired with NFC that allows you to place your compatible phone above the volume button to pair, and available 4G LTE wi-fi connection, just don't try to check your Facebook page while driving because that would be the stupidest and most dangerous thing you could do.

another neat feature you can find in the mid engine Corvette is a front lift feature, this lifts the nose of the Corvette allowing you to go over speed bumps with ease and it can keep memorize of the locations of over one thousand speed bumps so it always lifts it's nose automoatically before you go over a speed bump, this helps prevent damage to the underside of the nose, wouldn't we like something on all our cars especially when it comes to curbs.

and I did already mention the peformance data recorder just a moment ago?, well yes I did but I didn't mention what it can do other than the fact it help improve your driving skills on the track, it has 1080p recording which provides a reproduction of your drive by collecting data on acceleration speed, braking, gear choice, sound, and more with this feature, basically in Chevy's words it's designed to help you become one with car.
and when away from the track, the PDR can act as a dashcam with auto-record for your daily drives which is a feature I think was a smart choice on GM's end considering the fact how much we rely on dash-cams nowadays to protect ourselves from careless drivers who would try to place the blame on you even though it's not your fault but his fault for let's say, I don't know, driving drunk, playing on your phone while driving and no seeing the red light, or some deusche in a Prius cutting you off.

Kent Fox: did somebody say Prius? OwO


Kent Fox: OwO...slowly disappears around a corner

in addition, PDR is also equipped with valet mode, this is a mode that can used to monitor the use of your Corvette when someone decides to borrow it, recording video and vehicle data, and letting you park with a little peace of mind and this can certainly be good for parents should they accidentally leave their key out in the open and some willing teenager with a lead foot and itchy finger decides he wants to do something like try to impress the girl at high school or race some punk on a boulevard street, oooorrrr some sneaky anctious fox who never seems listen to me when I SAY WE CAN'T TAKE THE CAR FOR A CRUISE ON THE STREETS YET BECAUSE CHEVY HASN'T RELEASED THE CAR YET IN OUR STATE!, AND CAN'T KEEP HIS GRABBY PAWS OFF THE KEEEEEY!

Shawn Skunk: SMACK!

Kent Fox: QnQ squeaky fox whimpers

one more thing I forgot to mention in this review are the wheel and body color choices and body trim accents, I'm gonna start with the wheels first.
you have two wheel sizes to choose from, a nineteen inch, and a twenty inch wheel, and they come in a choice of either bright silver, carbon flash, spectra gray, ultra bright, accessory performance pewter, and accessory black.
and these wheels are available upon release in two different designs, open spoke, and trident spoke.
and with it you get your choice of four different color brake calipers too, black, yellow, bright red, and edge red.

as for body trim accents you have two emblem choices, carbon flash and chrome, three color choices for your side scoops, carbon flash which is standard on the mid engine Corvette, shadow gray, and matching paint color to them with the body color.
there's an optional visible carbon fiber mirror package, and for the grille inserts you can opt for visible carbon fiber grille inserts, for the front splitter you can choose between visible carbon fiber, carbon flash metallic which is painted carbon fiber, and black.
there's also an optional high wing spoiler for a racey look and downforce.
for side rocker panel trim options, you can choose between visible carbon fiber, carbon flash metallic (again painted carbon fiber), and black.
engine cover choices are gonna be available upon release, the standard engine cover being a black one, the other choices include red and silver, and there's even an optioinal engine appearance package that features the LED lights I metioned earlier and carbon fiber accents which helps it to stand out from the other engine covers.

and last but not least are the stripe choices, you can have either overhead stripes or fender hash marks or even both, the overhead stripes can come in either midnight, sterling silver, or carbon flash, and the hashmarks can come in either carbon flash with red accents, midnight silver with carbon flash accents, or edge red with carbon flash accents.

now I'm finally talk about body color choices and I have to explain much about them other than the fact that Chevy added a new color in the Corvettes selection, Zeus Bronze Metallic is the new color they added and it looks great on the corvette and probably would look even greater when exposed to sunlight especially dusk when the slowly goes down making for a Cyberpunk 2077 kinda vibe and given the new Corvette appearance i'm sure it would most definitely fit the part in with that color.
other color includes Accelerate Yellow which has been the trademark for the Corvette in racing and with some Corvette fans, Black, Artic White, Blade Silver Metallic, Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic, Shadow Gray Metallic, Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic (a beautiful color), Long Beach Red Metallic, Torch Red, Sebring Orange Tintcoat, and Rapid Blue.
the removable targa top roof panel can come in it's color choices too, either matching body color, or visible carbon fiber, or you can even order a trans parent one (basically a removable moon roof you could say).

oh yes I also can't forget to mention the interior colors and that's something I should've mentioned when I was talking the interior options and the color combos you can do with it, there are thirteen color combo choices for the interior, Jet Black with Gray seats, Jet Black with Red seats, Jet Black, Jet Black with Yellow stitching, Adrenaline Red, Natural (beige and black), Two Tone Blue (Blue and Dark Blue), Sky Cool Gray with Black seat, Adrenaline red with black seat, Jet Black with Red stitching, Sky Cool Gray, Natural Dipped (all beige), and Morello Red.

and for the sweet sweet cherry on top Chevy has a feature on their website called the Corvette configurator that allows you to custom configure your 2020 Corvette and let save an image of your creation, so whethere or not you can afford your own Corvette you can still make a custom one to your liking and save for a computer wallpaper or a screensaver, just one of things that makes this whole mid engine Corvette experience and absolute paradise.

that concludes my review of the new upcoming 2020 mid engine Corvette C8, no rumors out yet as far as I know as to whether or not there's gonna be a collectable HotWheels version this radical new car but I'm pretty sure Mattel is currently working it's magic right now and we may see some in the near future, possibly next year or at the end of this year.
as for the real one there's one more thing I need to mention, the starting for this car is only $60,000 dollars, you're basically getting Ferrari performance for a fraction of the price of an actual Ferrari and that's best kind of bargain you can get for a sports especially since it could possibly give a Ferrari a run for it's money.
well I hope you guys enjoyed this review and right now I need to drum up on my math study and prepare to take a math test by the end of my GED year, I'm only one test away from graduation meaning I could graduate if I pass so for the time being I'm hitting the pause button on future AutoSkunk reviews until the end of this year and occasionally I may post journals with links to other people's car reviews and even possibly racing game reviews in case you guys get bored of waiting on me to do more reviews, I would love to do more but my GED is more important right now, until then I'll see you guys on the next AutoSkunk Review :3

Shawn Skunk: hey! where's the key fob!?... O_O ...Kent?...Kent!?


Shawn Skunk: KENT!...just what do you think you're doing!?

Kent Fox: come on Shawn it's needs it!

Shawn Skunk: no!

Kent Fox: it needs it Shawn!

Shawn Skunk: NO! I'm not gonna let you take the car and probably do something really stupid with it! now get out of the car!

Kent Fox: no!?

Shawn Skunk: Kent!?

Kent Fox: no I won't and you can't make me! SCREEEECH!!!!

Shawn Skunk: KEEENNNT!!!!


Shawn Skunk: O_O runs after him oh my god, Kent! what the hell have you done?!

Kent Fox: O_O squeaky fox whimpers with ears folded back

Shawn Skunk: I'm gonna kill you Kent!!, there'll be a nice fox pelt hanging in my living room when I'm finished with you!!

Kent Fox: AAHH!!, no! I'm sorry!! runs away

Shawn Skunk: come back here Kent!!, take your punishment like a man!! runs after him

Kent Fox: I said I was sorry!!, please don't hurt me!!

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