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Ford V Ferrari (Autoskunk movie review) by ShawnSkunk

Ford V Ferrari (Autoskunk movie review)

hotwheels cars on a paper race track

AutoSkunk: vroom! VROOM! SCREEECH!! your turn Kent OwO

Kent Fox: okay rolls the dice I just rolled high enough to take the
lead WOOHOO! ^w^

AutoSkunk: barnacles

Kent Fox: so I hear talk that the Ford VS Ferrari movie recieved high
praise from critics on it's big premeire at that film festival

AutoSkunk: so I heard, and after seeing it myself?, it was really good
inspite of some historical inaccuracies

Kent Fox: I thought what we saw in the movie was the way it went in real
life, you know? based off a true story

AutoSkunk: well you got a point there Kent but true story based don't
always exactly mean they're truly 100% accurate to the historical facts
of whatever the movie is based off of, and unless we know the facts we
can't be sure absolutely sure how accurate some of them really are

Kent Fox: really?

AutoSkunk: why yes, really my adorable clever friend ^w^

just take a look true story based movies like Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor
movie, Michael went waay out of his way to make it only partially
historically accurate while trying to make a stupid godawful love story
out of it, and surely it did poorly in the box office and recieved a lot
of blood curtling screamage from none other than Doug Walker aka the
Nostolgia Critic, was that bad
now let's take a look at the newest true story based movie "Midway"
that movie I could was pretty accurate even though I can't 100% sure on
how accurate it really is to historical fact but yet I enjoyed watching
that movie because of epic it was far as pilots showing no fear and
showing absolute bravery when they went diving practically 90 degrees
straight down dive bombing those Japanese aircraft carriers and there
was never any cliche movie romance bullshit in it unlike Michael Bay's
and like any true story movie the only way to find out how historically
accurate it really is we have to look at the movie and compare it to the
historical facts it's based off of in order to get the clear picture of
what were supposed to be looking at and looking for in a true story
based movie
now do you understand Kent?

Kent Fox: ........

AutoSkunk: you didn't get a word I said, did you?

Kent Fox: looks around no?

AutoSkunk: you never were tought history of any kind were you?

Kent Fox: uuhh, no...not really

AutoSkunk: it shows

Kent Fox: what?

AutoSkunk: this is the Ford VS Ferrari movie review OwO

as any of you who may be auto history fans out there should know the
story of the heated battle between Ford and Ferrari.
Ford vs Ferrari is a retelling of that story and I was soo excited to
hear there was going to be a movie made about it, ever since I first
heard the story and saw a documentary on it, I wanted and hoped that
someone in Hollywood would do a movie about it and finally my wish was
granted thanks to director James Mangold, God bless you Mangold
salutes you are my hero.
it received high praise from critics on it's big premere day at the
Telluride film festival on August 30, 2019, so lets grab an ice cold
Coca-Cola and some kanolis and start this review.
the movie starts off with I believe was a pretty cool opening, it opens
with Carroll Shelby (played by Matt Damon) competing in the 1959 Le Mans
24 hour race driving 1959 Astin Martin DBR1, it's the final lap and he's
about to win when he pulls into the pits to refuel but he and his car
suddenly catch on fire for a brief moment when some spilt fuel was
not so sure about the part of shelby and his cacthing on fire but part
about Carroll Shelby winning the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans is true, that
victory was the pinnacle of his driving career, afterwards a heart
condition would cut his racing days short and the movie that part as
well with a scene of his Shelby's doctor giving him the bad news and
warns him that anymore racing or intense driving period could stress his
heart and could kill him.
the movie also has Shelby say a quote about revving to 7,000 rpm's and
how it makes everything around you fade and all there's left is a body
in moving through space and time, now I looked up all of Carroll
Shelby's quotes he ever said and there's not one he said about revolving
around 7,000 rpm's, clearly unless I'm wrong this was something the
director added to add some emotion to the movie to make the audience
have a feeling for Carroll and also for Ken Miles (played by Christian
Bale) who's also in this movie and the movie mostly focuses and Shelby
and Miles and their relationship with one another.
while the plot revolves the history of Ford's massive all out effort to
dethrone Ferrari at Le Mans, it also centers around Shelby and Miles
having to fight corporate interference via Ford vice president Leo Beebe
(played by Josh Lucas) being prejiduce towards miles competing in the
Ford GT40 racing program after Miles criticizes the new Ford Mustang set
to be introduced.
this is not all 100% historically accurate, I mean yes, Ford didn't
really take much of a liking towards Ken Miles but they only disliked
him to a certain extent, they still allowed Ken to race, if you seen the
movie then do you remember when Ken didn't get to race Le Mans until the
near end of the movie in the 1966 Le Mans race? well that's also
inaccurate because actually Ken was present in some of the previous Le
Mans races Ford competed in prior to 1966 and he was actually driving in
those races too for Ford.
another thing I want to mention too, Mario Andretti, he was part of it
as well and in fact was involved in the GT40's development, but
unfortunately he's never mentioned in the movie nor even included in the
movie as well and Mario himself told the internet of his disappointment
about it.
as for Shelby and Miles?, there may have been some times they arued and
fought with each other but there was never any record of them brawling
even once unlike what the movie depicts, nor of Miles losing his temper
to a point where he literally threw a wrench at his Cobra race car
because he had a disagreement with an SCCA official over a certain rule
regarding trunk space wich is also in the movie.
I'll go ahead and cut to the part where a business meeting is being held
at Ford by Henry Ford II (played by Tracy Letts) about finding a way to
increase sales and profits for the company after suffering the worst
sales slump of Ford's history.
Lee Iacocca (played by walking dead, fury movie star Jon Bernthal)
shares the idea of Ford competing in european road racing by buying off
this is true to historical fact because back in the early 60's the execs
at Ford were intruiged with road racing in Europe especially Henry Ford
II, they wanted to race in Europe in international sports car racing via
the FIA and Ford decided that easiest to do this was to buy Ferrari,
Enzo Ferrari the company's founder and ceo (played by Remo Girone in the
movie) was interested in having the enormous financial resources of a
massive manufacturer like Ford because at the time Ferrari was bankrupt
having spent every last Italian Lire on his racing program, not even his
road cars which meant nothing more to him than the means to keep his
company in business to keep racing wasn't enough to keep his company
financially stable enough to keep racing.
so Ford II sends Iacocca and a team of executives to Ferrari to buy the
in the movie, Lee's explaining how the merger deal will work, stating
that Ford 90% of road car production while Ferrari will 90% of Scuderia
Ferrari the racing department of his company.
now the movie doesn't mention though it does explain prt of this in a
way, but the was nearly set and Ford agreed to pay Ferrari 18 million
dollars for his company, but while the Ford execs were doing the
paperwork Ferrari had only one question "who will make the final
decision for his company regarding his racing program?" not only that
Ferrari also declared that he didn't want to compete in races like the
Indianapolis 500, he didn't want to see his race cars consigned to
racing around an oval track yet Indianapolis was important to Ford.
Ford vs Ferrari tells this part of the story obviousely, just all of the
Ford tried to fix the deal but Ferrari held firm, and when as for his
question on who will make the final decisions for his company?, when
execs said it will be Ford, Ferrari told them to go home and pretty much
said almost the same words that were said in both the movie and
in Ford vs Ferrari, the movie sets it up to where it looks like there
was some corporate espionage going on with Fiat for when the execs pay
Enzo Ferrari a visit at his company?, a man taking photos of the
occasion turn out to be working for Fiat and spying on them and the
movie makes it looks like was in on it too and that Enzo was only using
this meeting with Ford to toy with Fiat and raise the price on his
I always wondered whether or not there was any kind of corporate eeves
dropping going when this was happening and it wouldn't surprise me if
there was any of that going on at the time and the movie does a good job
with this scene and if you seen the movie already then you probably know
what happens next, Fiat is informed of what's going on, Ferrari rejects
the offer with a few choice words for Henry Ford II and a deal is made
with Fiat buying his company.
however though this is kinda inaccurate because Fiat would not have full
ownership of Ferrari until 1969 and this was 1963 so Fiat didn't really
have full ownership yet but that didn't mean they may not have had part
ownership of the company just so Ferrari have a little spending money
for racing.
in outrage, Ford decides they will build a race car to beat Ferrari at
Le Mans, in the movie Shelby is visited by Lee Iaccoca about a
proposition of helping them build a race car to compete in Le Mans.
this is also historically inaccurate because in reality, Shelby wasn't
aware of the GT40 program until he got a call from Ford after losing 10
races in their season due to the cars retiring with engine and
transmission problems, it wouldn't be until late 1964 that Ford gave
Carroll Shelby a call asking for his help to beat Ferrari and win Le
Mans, oh and there's also a scene where a couple of young Shelby
American employees are throwing firecrackers at girls that walk by, not
sure if that really ever at all happened considering the type of
employees Shelby usually has that probably or likely never consort to
mischief like that but that part's not important, at least to me it's
so Shelby in the movie explains to Lee how challenging and difficult Le
mans is to race, describing the dangers involved, and describing the
condition of the track, and how the car needs to be light and fast
enough compete and do it for 24 hours without the car breaking, and how
the driver can become tired, delerious and not remember anything not
even your own name, or even get hungry driving for that long and
Shelby's not azzagerating this one bit, Le Mans at least back then
really was what he said it was, and one good example of this is
well...Shelby's winning 1959 Le Mans run, by the time he finished the
race he practically starved himself to death trying to complete the race
and win, and by the time he finished and won, he was feeling rather
nauseous and when his co driver held a great big opened bottle of
champagne under his nose?, he puked his guts out in the winners circle,
not the best moment of his victory.
also one thing he also mentions in the movie is the danger too,
describing how a driver could crash and how he could possibly catch on
fire if it's a really bad crash, describing that it could be your best
friend burning to death in that car, he's also not exagerating this
either, from 1923 to today 22 drivers have died at Le Mans competing in
the 24 hour race and some of them of the crashes were horrific, the
worst racing accident of all time was in the 1955 Le Mans 24 hours when
Pierre Leveigh in a Mercedes Benz 300 SLR crashed into an Macklin's
Autin Healey trying avoid Mike Hawthorne's Jaguar D Type that was
pulling into pits to refuel, the sloped rear end of the Healey acted
like ramp sending Leveigh flying through the air at 125 MPH into a
packed grandstand of spectators, the firey wreckage tore through the
crowd killing over 80 spectators and injuring hundreds more, but that
will be a story for another time.
getting back to the movie Shelby agrees to help Ford with the GT40
program and build a race car for the big Le Mans race, he's invited to
the Mustang's revealing ceremony where Ford is set to announce their
plans to build a race car to compete in the FIA and at Le Mans with
Shelby giving a quick speech about how they're gonna build a race car
and make history at Le Mans.
oh yes one thing I forgot to mention that was also in this scene,
remember when I said earlier that Leo Beebe had a prejidace disliking
Ken Miles in the movie?, well Ken and his son Peter were also invited by
Shelby to come to the ceremony and hear Shelby's speech, but before
Shelby arrived in a daredevil flying entrance with the corporate plane,
Ken and his son Peter took a good look at what was then in early 1964
the new Ford Mustang, after Leo asked Ken to tell his son not to touch
the car, Ken gives him his choice words about the Mustang, describing
how it looked sporty on the outside but was a big tub of lard on the
inside with a straight six engine and a three speed transmission and
half of ton of extra weight, while yes the Mustang did feature a
standard six cylinder engine and three speed tranny, Ken may have either
been overlooking or not know of the optional 260CI V8 engine and 4 speed
manual transmission you could order for a 64 and a half Mustang, but
that was how the whole beef between Beebe and Miles in the movie began,
again that's inaccurate, in reality Leo Beebe was actually a really
business man and wasn't the ruthless cutthroat the movie makes him to
be, in fact when he retired from Ford he opened his own business
university so he could share his business management skills with future
generations to come.
as Shelby and Miles and the Shelby American crew work on transforming
the GT40 and making it faster and more competitive, they're having to
battle corporate interferance thanks in part to Leo Beebe's desperate
attempt to keep Ken Miles off the team and from racing Le Mans.
the first attempt came after work on the GT40 was completed and was
being tested at a test track, Leo arrives to ask Shelby what his
decisions are on which drivers will be driving at Le Mans, when Shelby
says Ken will be one of the drivers competing?, Leo tries to convince
him to not let Ken race and represent Ford explaining to Corroll that he
was a beatnick, thinking only of himself, and that he's not a Ford man
and wouldn't be a good image for the brand, Shelby tries to explain to
Beebe that Ken would be the ideal driver for the GT40 since he helped
build the car and therefore knew the car and how it worked inside and
out, but in the end Leo winds up having his way and Miles was ruled out
from to coming to Le Mans to race, this upsets Ken and is having to
listen to the Le Mans race on the radio while working alone at the
Shelby American shop preparing the next batch of GT40's naming out
mechanical problems as he listens to the broadcasters announce each
GT40's forced retirements from the race due to mechanical problems.
I know I already mentioned this part of Ken being banned from racing at
Le Mans with the Ford team in the beginning of this review but I need to
include this again to review the movie on order as it went and I'm sure
you guys already know that Ken being forbidden to race for Ford at Le
mans for one time is historically inaccurate nonsense, so I'll go ahead
and skip to when Shelby pays Miles a visit at his home.
in the movie Shelby pays him a visit to apoligize for not bringing him
along and letting him race, but Ken still being stubborn gets into a
brawl with Shelby which ends with both of them wiping out.
again already mentioned in the beginning but have includ it in here and
again it's historically in accurate because there's no record of Shelby
and Miles getting into any brawls with each other.
so they get back to work prepping the GT40 for round two, but while
Miles is testing the GT40?, Shelby gets a call from Lee Iacocca to tell
him that Leo Beebe put in full charge of the GT40 racing program and
wants Ken Miles gone and that he and Henry Ford II were coming to see
him tomorrow to check out the car, but the conversation is suddenly
interupted when Ken loses control of the car and crashes and burst into
flames all due to his brakes suffering from brake fade but Ken
miraculously survives the crash and emerges from wreckage unharmed.
Ken and Shelby crew discuss how to fix the problem of the brakes wearing
out and crew member who I haven't been mentioning at all in this movie
Phil Remington (played by Ray Mckinnon) suggest a new braking system
that can changed out as one whole removeable system brake rotors, pads,
and all.
now in reality the Shelby American crew actually did try it and they
excuted it perfectly at Le Mans in 1966, they managed to change out the
GT40's brakes in one hour flat and send the GT40 back out there quick
enough to where they took lead and maintained it for the rest of the
race and obviousely enough won.
the next day Ford II and Beebe arrived at Shelby's shop to check out the
car, while Beebe tells Shelby that he has nothing personal against
Shelby for wanting him to keep Miles off the team, Shelby locks him in
his office so he could have Ford II alone to take him for a ride in the
this is kinda historically accurate, no Shelby really deliberatly lock
Leo in his office unlike in the movie, but Henry Ford II really go for a
ride in the GT40 to see how it performed but Shelby wasn't actually the
one driving but instead was Ken Miles give him the ride, they didn't
full throttle and really like in the movie, which would be a bad idea to
do that without taking certain safety precautions first and for the sake
of keeping your job (unless of course you're Akio Toyota and decide to
drive the car yourself because you're both racecar driver and president
of your own car company).
and for the record Henry Ford II never ever cried at all unlike in the
movie (well except for maybe when he was a kid but that's it), so after
giving Ford II an intense ride in the GT40, Shelby explains to him that
the only driver that can handle the GT40 was Ken Miles and that he needs
to race Le Mans, he makes a deal with Ford II that he let's Ken race
Daytona and if he wins he gets to drive Le Mans and if he doesn't win
Daytona Ford would get 100% ownership of Shelby American.
again not historically accurate because again Miles regardless if he won
lost Daytona would still be allowed to drive Le Mans in 1966 and I don't
recall any historical records of Shelby putting his business on the line
in a bet?, I could be wrong?, but I doubt it.
so in the movie Miles wins Daytona and Shelby's business is saved and
Miles gets to race at Le Mans and of course Leo is not happy about it
but had to tell Ford II the news of Miles's victory anyways.
so the big day finally arrives, it's June 18, 1966, it's race day at Le
Mans and Miles's family was watching the race on tv via live sattelite
tv, now this I'll call the movie out on because this historically
inaccurate, not to be nitpicky but in reality live sattelite tv would
not be available util a year later in 1967, if anything they couldn't
have been able to watch the race unless they were there at Le Mans, also
another historical inaccuracy I want to call out on, in the movie, Enzo
Ferrari is present at Le Mans for the 1966 race, in reality Enzo was
never there, he wasn't present at the race but I'm pretty the director
wanted to put him there in his movie and you'll see why soon enough, but
for now back to the movie review.
as the race began, Miles has a rocky start, two times Miles is nearly
wiped out by two crashes that occured on the first lap and his door
wouldn't close, so he had to hold shut for the first lap and bring it
into the pits just to get it shut, the crew finally manage to close it
shut by using a mallet to whack it shut and Miles was finally on his
this was my favorite part of the whole movie and it was the finale as
well, I don't exactly know how long this scene is but it's chuck full of
some of the most intense high octane racing action you will ever see in
a racing movie, it's partly fictionalised for intense action of course
but it's really good and it sometimes keeps you on the edge of your seat
practically, you had cars spinning out of control right in front of you,
one grabbing air going airborne, cars smashing into each other in
another crash, you got swinging wide angle camera shots, on board camera
shots, sideview camera shots of glowing hot brakes, a little bit of
shaky cam but not too much, it's high octane action packed fun to watch
and could litterally entice to want to get in your car and just floor it
down the road after watching all of this, it's really good stuff and you
never miss a second of it.
as the race progresses and Miles is driving like a bat out of hell
keeping up with the Ferrari #21 of Lorenzo Bandini, his start brakes
start to fade out from extreme wear and tear and he brings the GT40 into
the pits, the Shelby crew put their plan into action changing the worn
out braking systems and replacing them with new ones, but the Ferrari
takes notice and try to inform an FIA official about it to call them out
on it, but Shelby stops the official in his tracks telling him that
they're not breaking any rules and he can change any part he wanted on
the car stating that part is a part and that they the Le Mans rulebook,
this quiets the FIA official and he walks away.
but Miles's GT40 was not the only car that a problem, the number #21
Ferrari also comes in to pit but with a smoking engine, a little
humorous moment for this scene as you can see Enzo Ferrari shouting in
Italian to his pit crew, but there's more humor in this finale scene
mostly involving Ken Miles taunting Bandini as he comes up alongside him
on te Mulsanne and Indianapolis straightaways of the track and Carroll
Shelby pulling tricks on the Ferrari crew members by dopping a lug nut
in their pit stall fooling them into thinking they forgot a lugnut on
their car as well as borrowing their stopwatcheswhen they're not looking
so could he can clock Ken's lap times and the reaction from the Italian
team is just too funny to watch.
tricks and taunting aside, Bandini manages to pull out of his pit stall
before Miles and Miles is urging his team hurry up with the brake job,
the Shelby crew finally has his new brakes installed in record time and
Carroll Tells Ken that in order to take the lead he would have to pass
Lorenzo Badini twice because Bandini managed to put a lap on them.
Miles catches up to him for the first pass racing him down the Mulsanne
straight and managing to outbreak him at the end and pulling ahead,
meanwhile big bad Leo Beebe is getting pissed because he thinks Miles is
pushing the car too hard and tries to call the Shelby crew through the
track's pit box phone system to tell him to take it easy, but
fortunately Shelby is always stepping in to stop him dead in his tracks
and that only makes Leo even more angry.
as we near the end of the next day, Miles catches up to Bandini once
again for the second pass to take the lead and again he does it on the
Mulsanne straight, he floors it trying to pull ahead but Bandini also
floors it and starts to slowly pull ahead, but his Ferrari blows it's
engine and Bandini is out of the race easily giving Ken the lead.
nearing the end of the race the the first three positions are occupied
by Ford and Ken Miles leading, but big bad Leo is once again scheming to
keep Miles from winning, and being a big suck up to Henry Ford II tells
Ford an idea of having all three Fords crossing the finish line together
1-2-3 for a special photo finish meaning that Miles since he's laps
ahead in the lead would have to slow down and wait for the other two
he tells Shelby his scheme and tells him Miles needs to be a team player
for this, but Shelby is really pissed about it, Shelby tells miles about
it and understandably enough is upset about it as well but he tells
Miles that he can do whatever he wanted out there for the final
remainder of the race.
so Ken decides the moment he went back on the track to maintain the pace
he's going at, this once again pisses off Leo and tries to call the
Shelby pit box to tell him to get Miles to slow down, but Shelby doesn't
answer and again it only angers him more.
meanwhile on the track Ken Miles completes another lap, setting a lap
record shattering his previous set earlier in the race as he goes into
the final lap, this again pisses off big bad Leo and he runs down to
Shelby and orders him to bring Miles in before he wrecks the car while
threatening to get Shelby banned from both the SCCA and the FIA, but
Shelby tells him to fuck off by saying this line, "Ken Miles is behind
the wheel Leo, that's his car to the finish".
meanwhile Miles is celebrating by singing his happy song, but he starts
to have thoughts about what Shelby told him earlier about Leo wanting
him to slow down for a Ford photo finish and being a team player and
doing what he's told, so he's slows down and waits for the other Fords
to pull up alongside him and all three cross the finish line together to
complete the race.
this part is not 100% historically accurate because in reality Leo did
want to stage a photo finish like this, but he didn't want to do it just
to make Ken miles lose the race, no instead he wanted to do it because
he thought it would the perfect public relations coup for the Ford Motor
Company, and Ken Miles (dedicated to the GT40 program and only slowed
down out of selflesness) really did slow down and the let the other two Ford
drivers catch up to him for the photo finish, but they didn't wind up
crossing the finish line together, instead they wound up finishing like
and due to a technicality in the FIA rules for the Le Mans race where

the team that went the longest distance is the winner?, the #2 Ford GT40
of Bruce Mclaren and Chris Amon wound up winning the race because they
started back the furthest and therefore went the longest distance in the
Leo (the real Leo Beebe by the way) must not have known the rules at the
time and didn't realise his mistake and screwd up Miles's chances to win
which is really sad because Miles would never again have another chance
to win, after Le Mans Miles and Shelby were developing the Mark IV GT40
for Ford for the 1967 FIA season, while Ken Miles was test driving the
car, the rear end of the lifted off the ground and spun the car around
and as a result Ken lost control and crashed, the car broke up into
pieces and possibly exploded too and Miles was thrown from the wreck
killing him instantly.
in the movie, a scene is featured based off the incident though not
entirely accurate and while the scene plays out you hear the 7,000 RPM
quote, as made up as that is, it's a really nice quote and adds on to
the emotion of this scene.
6 months after the fatal crash Shelby is having a hard time passing the
incident behind him and as a result winds chewing out his colleague Phil
and Phil remarks about how some people never get over the past and leave
it behind by saying "some never get out of the car".
the follwing evening, Shelby decides to go pay Mollie a visit and give
her the wrench that her husband Ken threw at Shelby when Peter sees him
and notices the wrench Shelby is holding, he tells him he remembers his
dad Ken throwing that wrench at him (which you saw in the beginning of
the movie), and Shelby tells peter a little bit about it saying that he
might have said something to make him mad and want to throw the wrench
at him.
after Peter heads home, Shelby drives off and movie ends with a text
telling some of the history of how the GT40's dominated Le Mans four
years in a row from 1966 to 1969.
that's also true because Ford's GT40's really did dominate the Le Mans
race four years in a row, the first two times in 1966 and 1967 under
factory support and ownership of Ford Motor Company, and the other two
times in 1968 and 1969 in the hands of privateer racing teams,
afterwards, GT40's no longer competed due to rule changes in the FIA to
nulify GT40's winning streak and try to fix it to where a European car
brand would win a European road race like Le Mans, afterwards the cars
eventually faded into history and were forgotten for sometime until they
re-emerged yet again in our time.
and that was the Ford vs Ferrari movie and to be honest?, I really loved
I mean sure not it's not entirely historically accurate, I would say
it's about 70 or 75% historically accurate with most of it made up and
fictionalized to make the movie interesting, dramatic, and engaging to
watch which I think was probably a good idea cause when it comes racing
movies?, they can really boring to some people, and if the director
decided to make this 100% historically accurate it probably would've
been a little boring to some people.
this movie to me in my opinion has the best racing movie we ever got
since Rush and this was a movie I waited years for someone to do, plus
as far as I know?, we haven't really gotten another Le Mans movie since
Steve McQueen's 1971 Le Mans movie, and comparing that movie to Ford vs
Ferrari?, this would make Steve McQueen's Le Mans a slow going perennial
runner up.
also while I talked this movie I didn't mention everything in the movie,
I did kinda skip over some things for the sake of not review to lengthy
to read so I would suggest if you haven't seen the movie yet to go see
it for yourself in order to see everything and believe me, seeing it in the theater
my opinion is faarr far better than seeing a review like this about it, it's
better to watch it and experience it than read about it, it's just that
and thus this will cap off season one of AutoSkunk, I hope you all
enjoyed these reviews and that they inspired to want to go out there and
bask in the car culture and the history, it's been a lot of fun for me
doing these reviews especially this one but now it's time for me to call
it for the season, but hold on a second, it's December, you know what
that means? :3

Kent Fox: Christmas? OwO wag wag wag wag

AutoSkunk: CHRISTMAAAAAA AAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!, see?, I can do it too

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AutoSkunk: but we agreed on dressing up like Ford drivers

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KentFox: hahahahaha XD

well guys this is it for season one of Autoskunk, I hope you all enjoyed the reviews and here's to an eventual season 2 if possible, it could be a while
as for the photo for this review?, this is an in game photo I shot myself in GT Sport and to give credit where credit is due, GT Sport and the name and logo are copyright property of Polyphony Digital, it's a great game and if you haven't tried it out yet?, I suggest you you buy the game and give it a try, you'll be absolutely blown away, that's it for now and that's it for season one, may you all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year, cheers for 2020 :3

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