White alpaca by Sharpe19

White alpaca


24 June 2015 at 20:43:16 MDT

Mixed shots from earlier with this evenings shots. The lighting wasn't quite right for the cream fur and it's raining outside. Quite a challenge this guy provided. Head 3/3 for a client, and one of the first alpaca suits I've ever seen (realistic at least...). This guy features:

• resin base from mordrude
•following eyes
• 100% custom resin jawset (will even fit in the DVC deer bases! :D)
• silicone tongue and hinges from dreamvisioncreations

• multiple styles of fur to match the "sheered" look
• light airbrushed accents
• first eyelashes I've ever done
• moving jaw
• flexi-form ears

This guy was the biggest challenge of the 3. Modded Modrudes goat base and ended up sculpting the original teeth out of bees wax, sculpting the jawset, and casting both together. The transition between the sheered wool on the neck to the diva head flare took a bit of work as well as combining the various shades of cream. Learned allot with this head, and I'm stoked to have it finished finally.

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    All that work paid off because this is really good, and avoids the uncanny valley that a lot of the more uncommon species seem to hit in fursuiting

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    I still love what you did with my base!

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      It was really neat to finally work on something definitely not normal, so the base was absolutely perfect!

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        Let me know if you ever need another weird creature! I have a bunch I haven't even gotten to use yet, I just like sculpting.