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Hello and welcome! If you've stumbled across my gallery, chances are you found me by some of my favorite crafts, fursuits. Although not a furry, I steadily enjoy making fursuits and a small amount of rogue taxidermy.

I started making early September, 2008 and have been cherishing every moment ever since. I enjoy bringing happiness and joy to the crowd. Watching a childs face light up with laughter is one of the greatest rewards of this job. Fursuits are a passion as it takes art to a whole new level. They provide money for my home and life. I don't honestly know what I would do if I ever stopped making them.

I live with my husband in a small town west of Ann Arbor, Southeast Michigan and am finding more and more suiters each day. Even though I have only attended a small handful of cons so far, I plan on attending many more in the future. I own "Sharpe Costumes", created in 2010 and has been growing since.

Sharpe Costumes is a single person business, run and operated by me. I create one of a kind unique pieces of wearable artwork, portraying an original character of the owner or perhaps a character/species the wearer has a connection to. All of my costumes are general audience designed to create an unforgettable moment, to make a dream come true, or to just bring a smile to a persons face. For more information as to how you might be able to own your own costume, please see here:

I and my husband Pizzawolf are a members of the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints. Hunting, fishing, hiking, automotives, mechanics, and many more are our passions. Pizza is one of the most common smells (and food) you will find in our home along with PB blaster and carb cleaner haha. I own a pair of champeigne colored hooded female Fancy rats named Artemis and Havok. Both are very sweet additions to the family, even if they enjoy being active the most around 3:45 a.m. heh.

Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Latest Journal

Sales post! Sword, mold, and a fursuit head!

on 17 October 2014 at 08:34:31 MDT

~Fursuit Supplies~

Up for sale is a trial mold. Made as an experiment, it's cast has symmetry issues but are small enough that it doesn't take much alteration to change it. The mold itself has some very small thin spots. I've patched up what holes I found, any others should be minor. I don't have a use for it and haven't put much time into it. The mothermold does need repairs. It, like the mold, was made purely as an experiment. It still does the job, but will need some patching nonetheless. Asking only $150 total for silicone mold, mothermold, and rights. There have only been 3 pulls from it and still has some use to it. Shipping in the states will be $15 due to the size of box needed to ensure everything arrives safely. International will need to speak with me about shipping.

Sword: $50+shipping
47 inches long, blunted edge. Good double handed long sword prop with scabbard.

Chocolate shepherd fursuit head!

Only one bid so far with no reserve! Little over a day left too!

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    Very cool stuff, your skills are admirable. :]

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    Found you too

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    hey, hope you dont mind, but i uploaded that photo already. again, thanks a ton sharpe. he looks perfect.

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    What up Sharpe! Glad to see you here!

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    Found ya!

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    Just dropping by to say your work is incredible! x3

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    *dances in*


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    I'm here as well :D