Valentine's Faerin blind date (personal) by Shana

Valentine's Faerin blind date (personal)


13 February 2015 at 22:22:42 MST

Mine and glasfuchs submission to the Faerin-Fields group Valentine Faerin's blind date event.

I got very lucky to get Glas as my partner because I really love Freya's design w and Bella (my wintry faerin) loves summer faerings very much X3!!

Bella is enchanted with summer faerins, and Freya, being the lovely tease she is, is making her best effort to charm Bella event more X3 with a raspberry popsicle. Who doesnt love raspberry popsicles right?? ^-~ . This image is very tame regarding love, but both girls arent the type that jump to love at first sight =P lets see if this lovely date evolves into something else jejejejeje

glasfuchs made Freya's sketch and her teddy bear, as well as the lineart of the whole image
I did Bella's sketch and the color of the whole image.

Freya and her bear © glasfuchs
Bella © me
Faerins are a closed species owned by rainue
Image for the blind valentine date hosted in the Faerin-Fields group on DA

Dont use any of the chars in this image without proper authorization of the owners

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