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Hadkwa 2015 by Shalinka

Hadkwa 2015


25 March 2015 at 05:55:26 MDT

◕Personnal art◕

Sometimes ago I promised the traditional "hadkwa pic" for christmas :p
I was so busy and not inspired.. but I sketched ideas and planned pictures.

But still, the Hadkwa I drew was the 5 years old, boring cow.. and I wanted to draw something new.
I understood that it was not really the picture and the subject.. but more the hadkwa design itself.
Her design was not anymore inspiring to me. While playing her I was not really feeling like before. Wow changed a lot :p

So ! New design, new story. Even if she looks pretty similar.
I wanted to add more "yaungol" feels to her design. I loved the Mist of pandaria atmosphere.
I totaly hope you like it ! It's a bit sketchy but he not a lot of time u_u

And I hope it will be easier to me to make this "christmas picture" now :p with the new Hadkwa !

Thanks so much for your patience and support your are the best !

Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !

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    Faving this again cause I can :D
    And because she's awesome :)

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    I like all the details you put into her design, they really do add much to the drawing. Keep up the good work.

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    This is adorable!