In the Storm Peaks by Shalinka

In the Storm Peaks


13 December 2013 at 19:50:26 MST

A commission for the great  Rylae !

It's a Wow commission but the frostwyrm is kind of mixed with the look of his Dragon character, Rylae.

The tauren frost is his Deathknight, Sidhe.

I hope you all enjoy it ! I had so much fun on the background and tried to be accurate as possible to the in game place :D It's a kind of challenge.

Thanks a lot for this commission Rylae !

Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !


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    Whoa, this is amazing! Is this new, or I just missed it from before? Lovelovelove your WoW art!

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      You missed it :p It's from july 2012 ^w^ Glad you like it !

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    I want to see your takes on not-man-beast races in warcraft!

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      I want to draw more of them too <3