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Shali working out sketchpage by Shalinka

Shali working out sketchpage


22 May 2016 at 03:32:26 MDT

◕Personnal art◕

Hey here no time no see !
WOHHH super busy with my work and when you draw all day.. well you are a bit lazy to draw again for you ! XD
I'm fine in my new flat and new life. I was pretty bored and didn't want to stay in front of the tv when work was over so I made a choice !
Working out ! I'm not a really "fat" kind of person, more like average girl.
But I never did sport, ever. Except Judo when I was a kid.
The Parisian life is awesome, but awesome food and awesome Café makes you eat so much good stuff. And you just become an inflated panda girl ahah.
So since one month I'm doing a lot of fitness and running and it's so awesome. I can't beleive say that but.. trust me people, I'm now addicted to sport :3
Everyone should try it, I always hated sport and to move my ass. But after the first difficult week, you have so much result and you feel so much healthier that you can't stop !
Stepping from "my body is ok but.. well I don't wear this kind of clothes just because" to "I love my body and I can buy what a want now" is really awesome.
Sport makes you happier, makes you sleep better, I'm not even tired anymore.

I did this picture during a stream with you guyz <3 I missed you so much.
I'm working all week and my tablet and pc stay at work (it's pretty heavy), so.. I wish I could stream all evening but it's not possible. I will try to do it each weekend maybe ?
So this is a sunday afternoon doodle, not really detailed and very quickly done but hey, much people wanted me to post this.

SO yeah not dead shali, more like working out shali and busy shali !
Receive also this random Nomnom featuring, Omg I love him so much and I'm glad you do too guyz. Feel awesome to draw my fursona again.

Maybe because I feel prettier now ? :3 ahah
Remember folks ! Sweat today, smile tomorrow ! No pain no gain :3

(Mature because side boobs, yeah I saw you pervs)
Comments, favs are appreciated and always welcome !

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    Glad to see you over here again!

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    Yay for Nomnom, nice to see you again Shali! :)