Fighting the electrum by Shadow-Crystol

Fighting the electrum


18 March 2019 at 15:59:51 MDT

fighting electricity, with electricity.

art Shadow-Crystol 2019 (STORY BELOW)

The night sky was set to piece, and it had been years sense the movement of the electricus godess, after what seemed like a centuries the flash of her majestic current powered wings flashed through the skies once more. what was believed fairy tale for the people of the earth has now awaken, and in their belief; to destroy them. They found their attempts dangerous and near impossible. their final attempt was un-worldly. a face similar to her own. shortly after, she vanished, and the people were left to deal with the weapon they had created. the weapon that endangered them. some now pray to the godess of electricity to return, to save them from their own monster.

just for fun :') hope you all enjoy the piece! this is throw back to shadow's old 2017 design. might think of making her some sort of half alien dragon. sense i was young i always believed dragons came from the stars. which is a lot where shadow came from. so it's hard to say she's a dragon exactly, when where she comes from, they call themselves an entirely different name, and are very alien to us.


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    Damn this is some really fantastic and badass artwork you're putting out! I really dig this Dragon's design.

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      Thank you, hun! i am in need of uploading my works here more, i find the layout quite appealing~