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Some Zombie Movie by ShadowCheetah

Some Zombie Movie


Yes, I occasionally do draw humans.

This was done for some of my friends in the GG clan. Each and every one of them is made of win, and getting to play with them is always a genuine treat for me.

Our quirks probably came out the most in L4D due to how closely you have to work with one another.

Covenant is like the team multiplier. He's a decent player but his real strength is he's such a good team player and second to whoever's being leader that the team's effectiveness is suddenly doubled when he's around. Whenever you get in trouble, he tends to come charging to the rescue yelling, "NO NO NO NO NO!" at the zombie that's pinned you.

Sylar is just insanely skilled and apparently is my long lost twin when it comes to gaming. We seem to have amusingly similar habits. Trying to pounce him as a hunter also actually results in your skull being opened.

Pardo's the guy who always wants to go faster and keeps popping pills to stay alive. He's just weird.

And, of course, there's me. I always play Louis and, appropriately, I'm always the guy getting attacked by everything. Besides being the team sonar and announcing when each special has spawned, where, and what type they are, I have a really nasty knee-jerk reaction with boomers and constantly blow them up in my own face. It's become something of a running joke.

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