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Untitled - Wedding Gift by ShadowCheetah

Untitled - Wedding Gift


This was my gift to my brother and sister-in-law on their wedding in 2008.

This was extremely early in my painting attempts, and I spent about a month working on this. The last week, I did nothing but go to work, rush back, and paint non-stop before getting a couple hours of sleep and repeating the cycle.

There was a lot of struggle with everything from the actual painting process to my computer not having enough memory to hold the entire image (I had to divide it into sections and paint each section individually), to a LOT of colour calibration issues. By the time I printed this out, framed it, and gave it away, the image was pretty much burned into my retinas and I was really sick of it. Even today, I still don't like looking at it and I still see a ton of flaws. Still, it didn't turn out that bad, either. :)

The original actually has a lot more detail, but this smaller version makes more sense because the original is also like... 6000 pixels wide or something ridiculous like that. Hence the memory issues.

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