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Shade the Intrepid - 5 by ShadowCheetah

Shade the Intrepid - 5


Second page of my comic journal thingy I was doodling during my trip to California for my brother's wedding, and a bit on my way back.

After they determined I was, in fact, not a terrorist (I knew I shouldn't have worn my I <3 Bin Laden turban), I got to board the trains. If you've never been to DIA, they have really weird train things. They're accompanied by cheesy jingly music and a clashing hostile voice that insists on yelling at you if you're too near the doors.

We got the male voice while the other train got the female one. I kept thinking it'd be really cool if one of them had the voice of HAL and the other GLaDOS. They could sing duets or something.

Or maybe just Ellen McLain as the announcer for TF2. The way they yelled at you, it would have fit perfectly with the frantic-aggressive voice she uses when she announces stuff like, "THE BOMB IS NEARING THE TERMINUS!!!"

Having to miss RMFC, going through all the frustration getting there, and having to wear a tux that looked ridiculous on me turned out to be totally worth it, though. The actual wedding was really, really awesome. And very beautiful. It's such a weird experience seeing your brother get married. Weddings are so much cooler when you're related to the guy getting married, though.

'Grats lil' bro. And... err.. I guess, sis, now. Man, that's weird.

Apologies for the very inconsistent and generally bad quality. The last two panels were drawn while I was rushing about in the airport. I tried to think of something to put in the blank space at the end, but I'd run out of doodles and all I could think of is, "Your ad here."

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