Arachnibovid Adoptable (OPEN) by Shadderstag

Arachnibovid Adoptable (OPEN)


24 July 2018 at 12:59:35 MDT

July monster adoptable that I really adore. A cow/spider-inspired monster dressed in elegant clothing. Asking $120 USD for them!

Buyer receives:

  • High res image
  • Low res watermarked image for reposting
  • for $25 more, I will design genitals for you
  • for $35 more, you'll get a sketch of your choice of this design; that's 10% off my regular sketch commission price
  • 10% off all future commissions from me that have this design in them

You may:

  • Change their sex, color, species, etc.
  • Trade, give away, or resell for the same price or lower
  • Repost the watermarked image to your gallery or social media (link to my gallery appreciated!)

You may not:

  • Claim that you drew the art
  • Edit my artwork in any way. If you would like edits made to the artwork (sex, markings, color, etc) or upgrade to a full ref sheet, I will do so for a fee.

If you are interested comment or note me with the following information:

  • Username
  • Paypal email address
  • Contact/file sending email, if different from Paypal

Art © Scott Francis

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