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Ryan Portrait Redraw by Shadane

Ryan Portrait Redraw


15 September 2020 at 09:48:41 MDT

For years that old vector of Ryan from 2012 was bugging me so I just felt like redrawing it. I'm mostly satisfied with how it looks, although I'm pretty bummed about losing the timelapse. I was recording a speedpaint where I show how I made this image but ended up permanently deleting the files by mistake so this is all there is, unfortunately.
Old image for comparison, featuring Ryan's old design. (Yes, he had a human face. I can't remember what he was based on at the time.)
The short faces are intentional, they are not the same as a real world red fox.

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    Using a human-like face is actually a very neat design aesthetic--it makes your character very different. The Egyptians used the human face on an animal for the Sphinx. :)

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      I agree. That's how my Uncanny Valley wolves were created and they're pretty much a type of sphinx themselves. Although a lot of people hated my designs because I didn't draw traditional wolves with wolf faces. I liked them though because I wanted something different.

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        I think in this day and age, people struggle to find originality and for others to accept that originality--they want "anime-like" or something like that and when everyone draws the same thing, I find it rather boring. I would rather see uniqueness and new styles from artists than everyone drawing something that looks like "Sailormoon". chuckle

        Keep up the good work and draw what you want to draw! :D

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          Thanks. Ironically I grew up with a somewhat anime-ish style, but I'm trying my best to open up to other styles too because it's something I want to do.

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            Finding what works for you--even if you adapt from other people and other cultures--is what will make your art your own over time. :)

            No problem! :D