Theme of The Consumer (Jan 16 2013 WIP) by SF (critique requested)

Theme of The Consumer (Jan 16 2013 WIP) (critique requested)


16 January 2013 at 09:30:33 MST

Theme of the game's true final boss, a nameless machine that processes much of the slaughterhouse's final output.

I have this image in my mind of it being an amorphous beast of angular lines, sawblades, grinders, and flexible pipes full of blood and liquified muscle tissue.

This fight happens after you "destroy" it, and so I picture it bleeding profusely as it frantically shambles toward you. It wasn't designed to move, and its AI is rudimentary, only designed to feed. Feeding is not a desire for it, so much as an objective. It's why it exists.

Its visual design is going to be inspired by some of the more horrific scenes from The Brave Little Toaster, as well as some of my more vivid nightmares.

It will be largely invincible, but in the act of pursuing you it grows increasingly deformed, its bent blades grinding against itself in a shower of warm gore and hot sparks.

It's satire I guess.

Play it just loud enough that it's slightly uncomfortable to listen to for the full effect.

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    ack.. this freaks me out. Imagining some disturbing grotesque abomination of machine and blood. Good track though.