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Rulent Tower VR - v1.0 Available for Free! (Link) by Setsune

Rulent Tower VR - v1.0 Available for Free! (Link)


"Oh to be a squashed-down character in a Game Boy RPG."

Dream no more! That's right, you too can experience the splendor of living in a greenscale role-playing world, all in the comfort of your own headset! This is an enhanced version of the April Fools release, with a bunch of polish and extra features. It's about 5-10 minutes of gameplay, but it's also FREE, so you're getting more than your money's worth!

Play it right now at!

"But I don't have a virtual reality!"

Ha ha ha! You fool, we're already living in one. But worry not! I recorded a video walking through it. Gaze in awe as I pantomime drinking out of a blocky cup, complete with added slurping sound! And please give it a Thumbs Up because someone already downvoted it and that was mean: