.Sketch. Human Vicious Concept by Senbread

.Sketch. Human Vicious Concept


12 August 2015 at 16:42:50 MDT

I decided to try drawing Vicious as a human. I'M HORRIBLE WITH ANATOMY BUT I WORKED ON THESE A LOT so they look fairly decent and atomically correct. VuV I'm still learning about human anatomy and all, but what better way to learn it other than with practice. :]

I'm doing several sketches of her in different styles (different anime-ish styles) with different clothing, hairstyles and other little accessories or details. I wanted to see what she looked like with and without her ears and tail, and I'm not sure if I like either one more than the other. She'd be able to transform back into her canine form, so I suppose it'd be fine to draw her either way. <: I'll update this when I do more!

AND PLEASE IGNORE THE FEET. >:C I completely winged those. xD I've been focusing on drawing hands and I haven't gotten to feet yet, so they look a bit wonky. ;w; SAME WITH THE CLOTHES. I'm not great with designing clothing because I don't pay enough attention to it, so that means I'm just going to have to look at LOTS of clothing before I'm able to come up with my own, more elaborate clothing designs. <:

When I was younger all I wanted to draw was anime things, and I'm starting to get back into that. I want to be able to draw, from my mind, other things than just canines or any animal in general. I enjoy drawing canines and creatures more than anything, but I still want to expand my drawing abilities and do more challenging thingsss. It feels great to be getting back into drawing human things though. :))

ENOUGH BABBLING. I'll update when I add more thingsssss. Hope you guys enjoy this. c:<

Here it is on dA: http://scarlettfeather.deviantart.com/art/Sketch-Human-Vicious-Concept-553281002

Art/Character (c) Me
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