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Beeps Big Lunch by Senbiku

Beeps Big Lunch


Poor Beep, the big, plump, and chubby lovable ampy didn't mean to swallow me along with that whole fridge; your throat was all full, and gravity would have eventually slid me down into that hardworking gurgling junkyard you call a stomach. Can't hold a cute Beep accountable for his throat's reflexes at being so stuffed, being a straight shot to that big soft belly, and all that saliva lubricating it~ |/3

So don't go giving yourself a stomachache Beep by worrying over one meal, lunch goes in the tummy afterall right~? If muu's in Beep's tummy, that means muu IS just part of a big hungry Beep's lunch silly sheepy. All those gurgles and belches and hiccups coming from your packed stomach just means your tummy's jubilant and excited to see me; So just let it enjoy itself... and me~... Besides, I look great in that big chubby tummy you're sporting... although can't really see me behind all that plump beep fat can you? But rest assured, I'll make some splendid and soft Beep pudge on you even if I didn't plan on it originally. I am just lunch afterall now, might as well be the best lunch I can be right?

Eheeehee~ silly odd triple posty today with something out of the post order, a nice lil silly comic I made some time back for the pleasantly sweet and humble :iconAmper:~ X3c

Enjoy~! :/3

Art is muu,
Char is Beep~ |3

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