Erm, hi there :3x

I'm just a chubby lil pink kitty that enjoys filling his gut equally as much as I enjoy filling others with whatever's available...and snuggling, snuggling's nice too |/3x

I probably use emoticons too much, all to keep the writer beast of textwalls sealed within me |/Px;;;

And I most enjoy Vore (of any kind), micro/macro, pokemon, some digimon, chubby/belly love, and a number of other...eccentric fancies that you'll know if you know me personally <|/Px.

I'm partly migrating over from FA but I'll do my best not to be too 'new-fur' to this site if I can help it <=/w/=>;

And I'm a hobby artist/gadgeteer that's balancing a mechy engineering degree, work at a toystore for tuition and common neccesities, a semi active social life with a few friends every week X/3K, and a love life with the brightest, sweetest, most considerate person in my life, and all around snuggly kitten~ |/3x

So erm....hope I'm not half as annoying on here since I'm hoping to advance my hobby of art and get much more serious with the work I post, although I'll still retain a lil whimsy since I was cursed at birth with a deeply rooted sunshine smile in my heart that can't be snuffed out~ |'///Pc

As such I'm easily inspired, excited, love making friends and draw on a whim when I'm happiest and I love drawing for nice people that treat a lil kitty with kindness and sweetness E3x

But I don't accept gifts! <o/w/o>;...if you do...I will find you...and I'll gift you right back >|/3c

But otherwise don't expect me to be too broody or impatient and otherwise, thanks for giving me the time of day and hope ya enjoy what I do :/3x

<9w9>..... |3c.... I guess that's concise enough....for me, I probably still wrote too much and I'll shave it down before the end of next week X'/Pc

(also sorry if the initial surge of artwork is a lil much X/3;, just wanted to make sure I had some of my better pieces up so you didn't have to go hunting for any of the better ones <=/w/=>. Now all is quiet again, and I return to my lil studio |/3x)




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