Someone from the country that nobody knows about "Belgium" that is located in the European continent.

23 year old male that likes men and not women, spends his time playing games on his console or having a good time around friend. You can usually find him inside of an animal costume or around parties that are playing "hardstyle" or just good music, You can even see him around a bar cause he likes to drink with good people.

He is one of those weird ones that has a wolf spirit inside his body instead that of a human. Woof, you know.


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What have I been upto lately and planning

on 26 April 2015 at 06:26:10 MDT

Hey everyone! Seffuel here, Thanks for enjoying my April Fools joke, I have been quite busy lately and I will tell you what has been going on in my life since a couple weeks and for the upcoming months.

First of all! My school time is finally coming to a close as I am ending in June. It has been a bumpy and stressfull right and I hope with all my heart that I pass this year, cause my last report card wasn't that awesome. I am going to put myself more into studying and getting my grades up. The last two months counts 150% to my grades, That means when I do good for the last two months, I will definitly pass and get my grades up with great numbers. It will get stressfull. That also means that I won't be on to chat that much.

Second! My convention season is coming up really so with Confuzzled as the first convention to go. It will be my first ever time there so please make me feel home. If I cry at the end, that means that I had a lot of fun! I am now starting to see who is going and who is not! It will be so freaking fun!

So please bare with me with the last two months. After those months, I will start hunting for a job. That will be "fun" to do... Oh well, I have updated all of you of what I am doing and planning with my life for the upcoming months!

What are you plans right now?

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