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23 April 2015 at 00:06:14 MDT

Zerah likes the rain, he absolutely loves it when it comes down hard enough to soak him completely. But the rain is cold and he doesn’t remember just how dangerous it is to stand out in the cold rain.

oh Zerah, you're going to make yourself sick and worry Eseo. Well at least you'll sleep after this.

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    Sometimes I wonder if Zerah is more depressed than he lets off or if he doesn't even notice he is. He seems so lonely when Eseo has to leave him at home.

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      it might be possible. but it's not like he'd be able to express those feelings or put words to it. He wouldn't be able to tell that those feelings aren't /normal/ because he has nothing to compare it to.

      All he can really do is act on these feelings, but that leads to sometimes self destructive behavior, like not caring for his own safety or seeking to overstimulate himself to feel things. he doesn't know these things are wrong or worrying, he wouldn't know they would upset Eseo until after Eseo catches him doing something and his reaction tells him that he shouldn't do it.

      When he's left alone, he feels numb and disconnected, but he doesn't know that it's not normal to feel like this when alone, he doesn't know he should be able to connect to things when Eseo's not there.

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        Eseo needs to teach him those things are not okay, but he's never been associated with family too much. Even less after what happened to him did happen. He'll keep trying to find something Zerah is interested in for certain so he does have something to connect to.