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27 April 2015 at 23:04:07 MDT

Oh Anshu. you have so much rage inside you. So angry at the world and everyone in it and you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life. There's no going back from that and things done in anger can't be undone.

A sketch of anshu as a teenager, almost an adult. For a very long time, Anshu had the worst temper ever. He was such an angry kid for no real reason. No one could figure out why he was so mad and he never listened when people told him his temper would get him into trouble.

He's now a very mellow guy with a very tight lid on his temper. You'd never know by meeting him now that he has such a terrible beast inside him.

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    He's gorgeous

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      I wouldn't pet him right now, but yes he is :3

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    Anshu, please control yourself.

    He is a very angry man, despite his calm attitude. He's gotta learn how to control that temper before something terrible happens again.

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      He's normally so laid back and lazy now, it's hard to imagine him loosing his temper in any way. But his temper didn't just magically go away, it's still there. like a dormant volcano >.>

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        Someone needs to work with him on that at some point. Staying like that is bad.

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          He needs someone who he can vent his anger at without worrying about actually hurting them... or some place where he can just destroy things without worrying others

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            Maybe Isaiah needs to sign him up for more combat lessons. XD

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              haha oh god yeah probably. can't decide if him sparing against someone who knows about his temper would be good or bad though. he wouldn't feel comfortable sparing someone who shows any sort of nervousness or unease with him, and wouldn't be able to let himself go.

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                Well, Isaiah will have to look really hard. xD