Loving Annoyance by seemslegit

Loving Annoyance


4 August 2014 at 02:21:48 MDT

Dolorosa and Miles~

Miles (the bigger guy there) is an ex-soldier, he was found on a battlefield, half crazed from fever and infection, his left shoulder crushed under a rock. He should have died on that field, the fever high enough to fry his brain, but Dolorosa is one of the greatest healers the elves have ever known. Dolorosa was able to save the man's crushed arm as well as heal the sickness in the man. It wasn't a perfect healing, Miles' arm will never be the same, and he remembers nothing of his past from the fever, but he is alive.

Dolorosa was intending that to be the end of it, but Miles sort of attached himself to the foul tempered healer. Despite Dolorosa's bad temperment, Miles sticks around and drives him nuts by constantly trying to hug and touch him XD

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    Sounds like a certain annoying someone. Sounds cute though. :x

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      haha... Miles knows how much of a pain in the ass Dolorosa finds him to be, but as Dolorosa never flat out tells him to get lost, Miles takes full advantage and ignores Dolo's bristling XD;;

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        XDDD I don't even know the character but his facial expression says it all.

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          Dolorosa's not quite ready to admit that he likes having Miles around XD so he just acts as grumpy as possible so other people don't think he's suddenly nice now XD he has a reputation dammit.