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A Glutton for Punishment by Secretfern90

A Glutton for Punishment

By Fern

Distribution: This is a commission. Please do not use or distribute this story in any way, both as the original or an altered copy, without the permission of the commissioner.

Grrrrroowl...! Groaaaaaan...!

"Oh my stomach... I should have brought more food if I known he'd rise up the prices of the menu items! I've been a regular at that place for a year; can't he give me a little discount?"

Abby walked down the street, clutching his stomach. It's about thirty past noon, and he hasn't had much to eat. He brought a bag of chips and a fiver, but his favorite place to dine had a price increase due to a shipping error. The owner ended up with fewer supplies than planned, so he had to make up for it.

Abby waited at the bus stop. He only had about enough money to go home, but he knew his stomach will bother him the entire trip there. He idly swung his big feet as a small warm breeze fluttered the legs of his black jeans. He rubbed the bottom of his striped sweater, annoyed at his growling stomach. He sighed as his impatient nature already tells him the bus is taking too long.

Suddenly, a wonderful aroma brushed past his nose. It was the fresh smell of baked goods. He could smell sugar, peaches, apples, and all sorts of delicious smells. Turning his head to the source, he saw that an empty lot is having a small flea market event. Various citizens of the city have set up all kinds of stands as they sold everything from creepy miniature statues to barely-reliable Chinese electronics. One of the stands showed a lovely orange feline in a white apron. Scattered across the surface of her stand were several arrangements of baked goods: pies, cookies, fudges, sweet bread...

Abby, leaning over the back edge of the bench, licked his lips as his stomach growls even more. Rummaging through his pockets, he saw that he doesn't have enough for any of the arrangements. There are other stands that are selling baked goods, but he wouldn't have enough for the bus if he paid for those. Abby hopped off the bench. He entered the gate while crouch-walking his way to the right. He quickly went past the back of the stands, easily blending in the shadows with his dark clothes and short height.

Being right next to the housecat's stand, Abby eyed one of the baskets of cookies. One of them wasn’t fully sealed. If he could slide his hand against the edge of the basket, he could grab two or three cookies and dash off before the cat notices.

CRASH! "Oooow! Damn it, my foot!"

The feline turned her attention to the source of the sound: a customer who was trying to carry a large urn to his car. "Are you alright," she asked, running over to the customer. "Here, let me help you with that."

Abby grinned as if he as a convict whose execution was cancelled. He took the opportunity quickly as he snatched three cookies from the basket. He made sure to rearrange the cookies and wrapper so it would look just about the same. He started to sneak back behind another stand as he causally walks in between two of them. He timed it just right so the other stand owners weren't looking at him.

"Thanks so much. You're a saint, really!"

"You were just having trouble. I did what anyone would have done."

The customer waved to the feline as he gets into his driver's seat. The cat, smiling back, turned back to her stand. As she turns her head, she notices a short wolfox munching on some familiar-looking cookies. Silently, she hummed a quick verse to herself. This cat, despite her appearance of being more like a baker, is gifted in the magical arts. At night, she worked as a gypsy for some extra cash, mystifying audiences with captivating dances as she controls the elements and energy of the world around her. She's most well-known for dancing while her hands and feet are on fire, leaving graceful trails of orange and red in her wake. As she finished the chant, she noticed that those are indeed her cookies! She has placed a harmless hex on her food that allows her to track down where the food is going. She did this to check her inventory.

"Hey," she shouted as Abby passes by her. "You have to pay for those!"

Abby continued to walk, keeping on his poker face. "Pay for what? These cookies? I already paid them."

"I'm pretty sure those cookies came from my basket, and you're not carrying one."

Stopping for a brief moment, Abby turns to her and replied, "lady, there's three other stands that are selling cookies. Why don't you just go back to your stand and frost cakes or something."

Shooing her away, Abby continued to stroll down the street and eating. The cat was furious. She knew those were her cookies, but she had no way to prove it without giving away her secret. She had to keep her stage life separate from her real life, if she doesn't want to end up in a scandal.

Fine, she thought. Since you're so hungry, let me add a special touch of mine to that last cookie for you. Complements of the chef. The feline closed her eyes as she mentally chanted the spell in her head. She used her tracking spell to place another spell on one of the cookies Abby is holding. It gives a very faint glow for a few seconds, but Abby doesn't notice this as he finished the first cookie.

"Enjoy your dessert, you glutton."

Mmmm, finally some food. These cookies were so worth it. Abby hasn't ate something so sluggishly before, but these cookies were fantastic! They may have been the best cookies he has ever eaten in his life. He wanted to savor every bit of taste while it still lasted in his mouth. Taking a seat in a different bus stop, Abby slowly slid the last piece of the last cookie through his lips. He licked his lips as he swallowed it while patting his belly. He waited for the bus, already yawning in boredom after a couple of minutes.

He slouched down the bench as he lazily stared ahead at nothing in particular. Something did catch his eye though as a grey hill rises in his field of vision. Sitting back up, Abby looks down. His gut grew quite a bit! It looked like he enjoyed several pints during Happy Hour. "How the hell," Abby blinked in confusion.

His puzzlement shifted to worry as he presses a hand in his belly. He realized it's still growing!

Oh shit! How did this happen? Okay-okay, calm down. I'll just grab a few of those anti-weight pellets I have at home, and it'll be gone in no time.

As if the unknown forces of the universe were listening in, the bus just arrives at his stop. Abby, scourging his pockets, dashed right in. He quickly paid for his fare and takes an empty seat. Only a couple of people glanced at him, but they didn't really seem to care. Good, he sighed. I don't want anyone to see me grow like this.

Throughout the ride, Abby whimpered every time the bus makes a stop. All the while he anticipated for the stop near his apartment, his belly has continued to pile up in fat. His sweater has been stretched out, only able to cover his man-breasts. Abby quickly unlatches his pants before the button flies off. He didn't want to draw anymore attention than he wants. It was already too late though; people were starting to notice. The wolfox wiped the sweat off his forehead with his beefy hand as he noticed everyone staring.

"E-excuse me? Driver? C-can you go a bit faster?"

The driver, his attention directed only to the road, replies, "we have to make all the stops in my route before we get to yours, sir. You'll have to wait like everybody else." He sighed in discontent.

"B-but it's a medical emergency!"

"Unless the passengers are screaming for your help, I'd say you're just fine!"

"Then stop the bus," shouted Abby as he pulls on the string.

The driver, taken by surprise, stopped the bus out of shock as nearly everyone fell out of their seat. "Look, I don't give a damn about your 'problem,' just sit back do..."

The driver was flabbergasted as he watched a 300-pound wolfox wobbling its way down the aisle and the steps. It was such a shock that he nearly forgot what he was angry about.

Abby just wanted to get home as fast as possible. He couldn't keep growing in the bus. He was almost lodged in his seat, and he didn't want to think about blasting through all that sharp metal. Abby continued to wobble down the street as bystanders start to notice his belly. His demin jeans ripped right down the middle seam at his ass, exposing his undergarments to the public. He could feel his legs getting farther apart.

N-no, mentally shouted* Abby as he felt his legs quivering. I have to keep running!

Suddenly, the bottom of his gut touched the ground, much to his dismay. He tried to grab at it with his sausage-like fingers, but he couldn't find the muscle or energy to lift his abdomen up. The citizens started to panic as they noticed he's growing a lot faster than they thought. "No, wait! Help me! Call 911! A crane! The army!!"

He wiggled his feet above the ground as his right side presses against a building. As he grows taller in height from the fat being packed in, his left side starts to block traffic. Everyone starts to run for the hills as the building starts to crack.

Abby noticed something peculiar, I'm growing even faster when I'm bigger! His rate of growth was not linear, but rather exponential. As there was more fat in his body, there were more cells to divide up. His growth is caused by his own fat dividing up into more fat! People started to scatter even more frantically when they see Abby's giant foot flip a car over on its roof. Abby could barely see them over his chest, but they were almost like ants scurrying away from a flood. The three story buildings next to him started to crumble over into pieces as if they are made of Legos. Thankfully, his right side was so wedged between the two buildings that he was squished into something tall and flabby enough to avoid any substantial damage from the debris. His body jiggled about, no longer restricted by concrete walls.

From one sidewalk to the other, Abby took over the entire street. His feet crashed right into the windows of two buildings as his flab flows right in. In no time, the buildings crumbled at the walls as the entire front of the shop collapsed. Luckily, the occupants of all the buildings near Abby have ran right out the backdoor just a few of minutes ago. Of course, that means no one was coming to help him out with his situation for quite a bit.

All Abby could do was gulp as the sides of his bod start crashing into the neighboring buildings next door...

"Please remain calm. We have our best men on the case. You will be reduced back to normal size before you know it."

Abby was already quite calm. He was lost in the wonderful pleasures of being humongous, chubby, and lazy. A couple of news helicopters captured Abby in all of his giant wolfox glory. Despite the height, the cameramen had trouble finding Abby's face among what is literally thousands of miles of flab. The growth had stopped for a while now; the incantation ran out of mystical energy since the cookie was digested. His limbs were so wide and stubby that they resemble giant novelty bean bag chairs stacked against each other. His pudgy hands and sausage-like digits were almost immobile, only able to wiggle slightly. A huge amount of the buildings have also been knocked over by his giant rear. It is just as wide as his stomach and had left quite an impact on his hips. A chicken at Abby's size wouldn't be able to had chicken legs with hips as huge as his. His forelegs was practically absorbed into the roundness, showing no signs of his knees ever existing. He could still barely touch the ground with his pudgy feet, but only by the tip of his ankles. As huge as his legs and feet are, there was no way they can support the weight of his fat ass and flabby gut.

He sighed blissfully as he wallowed in his head in the flab that’s accumulated above his neck. He didn't even care that he's being viewed nation-wide. The warmth illuminating from his blubber as well as the comfort from his soft fur put him in a state of "the-world-can-piss-off" relaxation.

The city doesn't fare so well. Abby took out almost an entire corner of the city, about twenty to twenty-five percent of it! He jiggled his body a bit as he almost hears the concrete grind into the dirt. He loved the feeling of those rough edges just scratching and kneading under his bod. With his body covering about a mile of the city, he's got plenty of debris to wiggle against.

The gypsy intended her spell to teach Abby a lesson about the greed of gluttony. What she doesn't know was what kind of person Abby Wolfox was. Abby rarely learns the "moral of the day."

One of the reporters was able lower herself on some rope hanging from the helicopter. Hanging by only a harness, she directed the helicopter through her headset. Finally, the antelope got close enough to Abby's head. "Mr. Wolfox, is it? Do you have any comments about the situation?"

Abby simply opened his eyes, looked directly into hers, and replied, "it was so worth it."

Abby is property of Abby Wolfox.

2011 © Fern (Pen name.)

A Glutton for Punishment


28 February 2021 at 03:27:36 MST

This is an upload of something that was posted on a different site. The original description is down below.

This is a 2,000 word commission paid for by Abby Wolfox.

Abby was waiting at the bus stop with an empty belly, unable to pay the recently increased prices at his favorite joint. Hungry and annoyed, salvation came as he smelt something delicious at a stand nearby. Using his small stature to stay hidden, he managed to snatch a few cookies from an unguarded basket. The baker, a female cat, spotted him with the treats. However, she had no conclusive proof that he stole them since there are other stands selling cookies.

What Abby doesn't know is that the feline is skilled in the magicial arts. She placed a hex on Abby's treat that will surely fill his belly. Of course, the cursed wolfox noticed the sudden change in his figure. Will Abby be able to get to his apartment before the spell gets out of control?

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