Silas Flying Squirrel by Scorpio-Gustavo

Silas Flying Squirrel


10 January 2018 at 20:02:19 MST

Silas Flying Squirrel: Team Co-pilot of the STSST/ Flying ace.
Over-enthusiastic, ambitious, impulsive and a flight-buff.

Born with even more love of the skies than the rest of his family, Silas always kept his parents at the tip of their toes until being dumped at the academy, where he met his closest friends such as Rick and Ira.
He grew to admire the STSST ( Shirt Tales’ SuperSonic Transport), eventually becoming a pilot. When Rick’s new team required an experienced flyer to manage a large transport Silas was happy to oblige, and help test the evermore experimental STSST engineered by Odette.

(MOD: Starting to run out of shirt colours…)


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    He sounds like a fun guy. How well does he get along with Morwen?

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      Not with his recklessness, he annoys her as much as Todd's smartassery