JAI Q IN THE MIX ~ 23-11-14 ~


24 November 2014 at 12:45:47 MST

livestream mix ~ 23/11/2014

had a super cool dudebro DJing session at 5 in the morning again because fuck sleep. This one turned out alright though so I uploaded it! there was 11 people in there that morning. never had so many people in my DEEJAAAY stream before lol anyway here's the recording:

CLICK HERE! >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaFmoihjQd4

Drum and Bass / Garage / Bassline / Oldskool / Happy Hardcore


DMT and Sensa - Holding On
Chris SU "ft Mira" - Higher
Nelver - Prayer
Utopia - Diamonds Shine
Naibu - Aki
High Contrast - Return of Forever
LM1 - Season Of Descent "DLVRY Remix"
Dom and Roland - Unofficial Jah
Comix - Talk to Frank
Receptor - Princess
Broke One and Xavier León - One Hour Later
Energy - Little Mesters "iRteej's Saggy Airbed Mix"
Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days
DJ Faz – Destiny
Fagin – Something “Fourstep mix”
TRC – Toy box
Merkury – I'd give my all
DJ Moky “ft Hannah” - Love is Blind “TRC 4x4 mix”
Cyley Myrus – Breaking Wall “DJ Detweiler remix
Talvin Singh – OK
Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea
Lennie De Ice – We I.E
H.W.A “ft Sonic the Hedgehog” - Supersonic
Isotonik – Everywhere I go “Pure Orange mix”
Wax Doctor – New Direction
Jonny L – Hurt you so
Nebula II – The Flatliner remix “Zero Yellow Zero mix”
The House Crew – Euphoria
Manix – Head in the Clouds
The Prodigy – Charly
Isotonik – Different Strokes
Acen – Trip II the moon part 1
Sound Corp – Dream Finder
The Vampire – Mind Game
Demo – Life me up “Justin Time Remix”
Bang – Cloudy Daze “Ham mix”
Bald Terror – Drummachine
Ristar – Star Humming