only space for one queen by Schiraki

only space for one queen


22 February 2013 at 04:31:23 MST

Yes, there are some errors in the picture that I saw when it was too late to fix them, thats the problem with painting traditional. But I am proud of it anyway and I have learned new things about the medias I work with for years!

This makes it very special to me.

I used gouache, watercolors, watercolor pencils and pencils, copics and pastels on bristol paper. The copics and the pastels rescued the picture after I made a BIG mistake by coloring the background.

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    Excellent work. Making me wanna bust out my paints.

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      Naaaw, thank you ^^

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    I remember this. its the pic that hook line and sinker me into watching you.

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      Oh Great ^^ This is nice to hear! I think it is one of my most popular ones. Maybe I am able to produce something like this through this year again. Maybe. I hope so.

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    you see that there are errors but I don't see them xD I love this pic

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    Wow, the depth of this picture is magnificent!

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      Thank you so much. :) It was one of the things I put much attention at.