A comforting lick by SBTW

A comforting lick


3 July 2013 at 20:18:17 MDT

Jessica was off on her patrolling duties around their new base. It was a small area but security comes first as always. In her patrol she spotted someone near the lake as she flews down landing behind the figure. She creep slowly behind then stop as she notices the stranger in the dark "Crono?" she asked as he turn around to look at her "oh...hey..."he said turning back to look at the lake as Jessica walk over to him "what you doing here this late?" she asked him then sit beside him "Just...couldn't sleep... thought flying around might help me to take my mind of things". "Oh, i see" she noded looking at the lake with him "you should probably head back now before i-" she pause looking at his face as it shows sadness and pain. Jessica looks down at her feet 'so...mind if i ask what happen?" she said as Crono places his right hand on his face covering his eyes "just... a friend I knew is gone, now i'm unsure what to do..."he said as Jessica looks back at him. Jessica stood still for a bit as there was a steam hissing sound as she places her hand on her metal mask "you know Crono your friend might still be there" she said softly as Crono doesn't reply back as he was now thinking hard on what to do. Jessica places her hand on Crono's back, then Crono blushes suddenly then looks at Jessica seeing her face for the first time. She gave a smile but was hard to see with the lower metal jaw "thought that might help you feel better" she said as Crono was still blushing "y-yeah sure did" he said as Jessica places her mask back on "well i better head back now, they'll wonder where i've gone to"she said standning up then looks at Crono "and you should too, maybe you'll be sleep well"she said as Crono smiles softly as he stands up "yeah..."he said as Jessica giggles "well, bye bye"she said to Crono as she flew up into the air. Crono watches Jessica leave standing there still as he places his hand on where jessica licked him. He chuckles softly closing his eyes as he flew back home, knowing he'll sleep peacefully.

well that's a long story or short X# but it was for who has lost a friend on FA after she rage quit from an event, either from the site or Real Life.

get well Dragonwarlordx, and hope this pic cheers you up ^^.

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      lol hi XD and welcome to weasly art Crono

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        Yep X3.... so DA, FA, and Weasyl....lots more uploading @.@

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