TTL Slime by SBTW

TTL Slime


12 February 2019 at 07:18:38 MST

yay another pokemone slime but babies X3!!! awww

so the pokemon are: Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus

soo the final blushes, a little sister to the cyber cat ninja plushie from the JC Slime pic o3o. Seem she has some hand held games, Thundurus seem to enjoy it, which might be simon says, Landorus, seem he having a hard time and getting little frustrated.

Not long after that, he drops the handheld in frustradtion, and flailing his arms around as he started to cry.

Tornadus cover his ears as Landorus can be really loud, Thundurus look at him as he see him does it alot, seem he doesn't mind his crying

The little plushie sweat drops abit till someone came into the room wondering what was going on and who made Landorus cried

OOOOOOOOH! this is just to heart warming X3!!! makes me want to make a second pic but will see. hehe

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    lol. idk why, but i am reminded of those like bowsers cousins from new super mario bros wii

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      hmm o3o well not seen that part before. heh but still cute to seee a reaction plus it melt my heart XD