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Isaiah Eagle Fursuit/Costume by sawblade5

Isaiah Eagle Fursuit/Costume


This is the Isaiah Eagle Fursuit that I ordered from a costume catalog and fixed up to look nice. I decided to name him Isaiah as it is a biblical name and the famous verse about eagles in that book and I felt it was well fitting for an Eagle.

When I got the costume There was no Yellow Fur on it. In fact there was no fur below the bottom of the brown part below the knees. Also the Feet it came with had brown fur. So I had to fix those problems since Eagles have Yellow Feet and Legs. (As there was no fur there and I didn't want bare legs there ruining the magic of the suit) Also since the Parade Feet didn't have soles on the bottom I took care of that problem too with EVA foam.

The main part of the suit was done by the big brand costume maker Rubies.

And the modifications I done to the suit:

*I ordered 2 yards of short pile yellow fur and I found it at Hancock Fabrics (I checked the quality and it seem fine and was cheap there too)
*I ordered a dozen Black Bear Claws from Grey Owl Crafts (And they shipped fast like lightning the claws arrived in less than 2 days from order)
*I ordered Yellow EVA Puzzle Foam from (They were the only one *I found that met specs for the parade soles)
*I used some scrap Velcro from work to create openings in my arm so I can open and close it and don't need help getting in or out of the suit. (I got a ton of those Velcro straps as they are a scrap product from work they throwaway and they're perfect for hand sewing em on without having to poke your fingers on it and I do have a tone of em as I only used 3 pieces on that suit and I have a ton more straps where it came from)
*I had to remove the brown fur from the feet, measure em, and make patterns out of the feet fur.
*I had to draw an outline of the feet after the fur was removed to make an outline pattern of the feet to cut foam out of.
*I had to do a Duct Tape Dummy of my leg to get precise measurements of my leg in order to create and accurate Lower Leg Pattern for both legs (The suit was done unevenly with one leg 23 inches diameter at the bottom where the brown fur ended and the other being 24 inches.) and made patterns for both legs.
*I had to cut out the fur (I used the wrong scissors on this much of that night working on it finally used the bondage scissors I used to cut the Duct Tape Dummy and that worked well)
*I had my mom do much of the sewing work on the fur so that was a big big help and I was glad she done it as I would have spent countless hours hand sewing as I don't yet know how to use a machine. She sewn the legs on the body suit and sewn the feet together
*As that was going on I glued the claws to my feet after making small idents in the foam to fit em.
*With the claws there I placed the foot fur over it and made small cutouts for the claws and pinned it on.
*After I pinned and placed the foot fur over the foot foam I marked the spot for a foot cutout and removed the fur from the foot foam so I can make the cutout for my foot to go through.
*After that I cutout some ankle pieces from the length of fur I used for the leg cutouts and cutout 2 ankle pieces and had my mom sew that to the feet.
*When the foot fur sewing work was all done and I attached the fur back on the foam foot and pinned it down and glued it on. I also marked the ankle pieces left and right so I know which foot is which.
*Next came the part of the foot foam pieces for the bottoms. The foam pieces were 2 foot by 2 foot by a half inch, so I was able to make both feet out of 1 piece of foam leaving my with 3 2x2 squares left. I used the patterns of the feet I made from the foam foot outline and marked the foam and cut it out with a razor blade and my bondage scissors.

*After I cut em out, I used some hot glue and glued them to the bottom of the foot foam with lots and lots of hot glue. (I am a rough walker so I don't want it falling off easy)

That is the completion of my suit after a few minor finishing touches like adding more glue and some scrap fur to the feet.

The photo was taken by my dad, because I was in that suit and I love it. I had this suit ordered and made as a secondary suit to go with my Victor Redtail Fursuit currently being worked on. (But delayed for a couple of problems there), so for now this is my main suit until I get Victor Redtail in and I hope soon by MFF.

This was my first time getting my hands dirty on building any part of a fursuit and the main work was done within 4 days and completed and ready.

I got to enjoy the suit just in time for an Fursuit outing at Zona Rosa on October 24, 2009 and I had a huge blast suiting for my very first time.

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