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Stacy and the Preggy Bikini Contest by SatsumaLord

Stacy and the Preggy Bikini Contest


A piece recommended to me via my Suggestion Box over on Patreon ( ).

Believe it or not, I originally planned to just have this be a B/W inked piece, but due to how much "gray" was in the piece already, I figured it'd be a better idea to have it done in color; if nothing else, as a way to help "separate" the characters from the background.

Anyway, despite being such a simple idea, this was surprisingly fun to work on; especially since I got the chance to bring back some previous characters that I haven't really done anything with, specifically Bianca (from here ---> ( [link] )) and Rosalina (from here ---> ( [link] )).

Plus, gratuitously pregnant ladies parading around in super-sexy bikinis as part of a maternity-themed swimsuit contest? That's an idea that just has "awesome" written all over it. =3

all characters and artwork copyright SatsumaLord


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    Are there any other ladies entering the contest?

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      Nah, not really, since this isn't actually for any kind of contest. It's just an idea that was recommended to me through my Suggestion Box over on Patreon, so I wouldn't really count on this going anywhere further.

      Anyway, I hope that answers your question and that you're doing well. :)